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96' FZR600 Raider Pride
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So I've only owned this bike for about two months finally back at school and have access to a full machine shop :) An of course i get my paycheck on Friday so I thought well i'll get the thread started. I've got some definite Ideas about the tank cover and rear fairing.

Realistically quick mods:
Buy dremel- hack off 6.5" of sub frame.
Make mold for new rear Fairing..
Make light mounts for forks.
Make a mount for the front wind screen
Make mount for stock clocks :( I need to hope i can buy a new digital one.
Make Belly Pan
Wrap exhaust
Buy New smaller blinkers to mount on head light mounts

After Im satisfied with the tank cover and rear fairing.
not so long but more towards December:

Swap old swing arm and shock. Ill be checking the pivot point width when i get a chance and shock mounts. Im wanting to do an R6 shock so i'll see. Also Thinking about SSA if i can find one that'll fit nice. Also any input on the SSA would be much appreciated.

And now Pics.
look at how big and bulky that old front cowel frame is.

Picture of old back end.

New Bar End Mirrors
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