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With the butterfly mind build dragging on for an eternity all other plans were put on hold. But, with it now roadworthy I can finally think about doing some of the things I've been putting off or have had what amounts to zero motivation to do

For the past few weeks I've been contemplating "what next".....
Admittedly. It's been quite nice not having a project to occupy meself with and since Thorburt was MOT'd much quality time has been freed up to spend with mrs.bob. This has been thoroughly enjoyable as we've totally ignored each other and got on with our own shit! Mrs. Bob has got on with her glass working &, between fiddling with Thorburts carbs, skulking around on here, & random bouts of total disinterest in what's on the television I've been keeping meself amused by random acts of violence and criminal activities in GTA V. However, this life of crashing hookers & killing cars can't go on forever. So it's time to think of that next project

..... Fortunatly for me. No outlay is needed as here at castle sideshow, me and the misses, have already accumulated multiple projects in waiting.....
Some may even call them abandoned but, to me, a project don't qualify as abandoned untill it gets listed as "unfinished" on eBay
...... The question was, which one!

My plethora of kwakazakis all need work.

Kwackahacki .......

.......Is Still in desperate need of a decent service. But that's about all that's gunna get & not worth a thread.
Weeelllll, I want one bike that when stuff falls off I can claim its a manufacturers fault rather than my shoddy workmanship ;)

The ZXR twins.......

........Have both sat slowly turning into the worlds rustiest and most impractical paper weights. However, I just can't seem to settle on a direction for either so, their slow transformation into iron oxide sculptural curiosities can continue, as I contemplate further

So, with none of the above fitting my criteria I started to look further afield.. Or more precisely.. Further backgardeny. Where under a tarp is mrs.bobs gsxr. Which is as near to abandoned as it gets in this house.

Mrs bob got stuck in 3 years ago..
twisted sister
...... But as we're a bit short on garage space.......
What with the runners taking up the vast majority of it and the supposed quick revamp of Thorburt + my specialised method of tool n parts scattering swallowing up the remainder got put undercover and shelved. An nowadays she is too busy making trinkets outa glass to get on with it but, I'm not. So, as I can't decide what to build meself I've been conned into doing hers for her!

Unfortunatly... Mrs.bob, no longer wants to go with my original design idea for Twisted Sister & having appeared to have been infected with dangerous bouts of freethinking and feminine self expreshion, has thought up some ideas of her own

This could be problematic!!
Having promised to do it for her.. I know, I ain't gunna want to do things I don't like!
She, on the other hand, will insist on having it her way!

Hmmm?? Perhaps project divorce woulda been a more apt title:doh:

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As always the story is just as good as the build good luck on your girly build.

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If your bike building skills are half as good as your writing skills are entertaining, this is gonna be good. Looking forward to watching the progress.
:LolLolLolLol:.... You obviously ain't read my previous build threads.......

....If you had, you'd KNOW: my builds are as equally erratic, badly punctuated and full of grammatical & spealing erors as my English is bolted together :LolLolLolLol:

And for everyone else patiently watching. I suppose, it's Time for an update ;)

So, anyway....... amazing as it far, this project has totally failed to disrupt our marital bliss!
Not one row has surfaced. No arguments have formed and mrs.bob has utterly failed to throw anything my way.....

Not that flying utensils are anything to worry about!
Being a girl, I doubt mrs bob will be able to throw anything even vaguely in my direction. Hell, in the time honoured tradition of all girlie throwing, It's more likely to arc gracefully in totally the wrong direction and plummet to the floor a few feet from her than come anywhere near me!

.... Admittedly, I'm secretly changing her design without telling her and plotting a build that's suited far more to my tastes than hers.....
Well, the way I think of it is: she likes both my previous bikes. Hell! she even liked the proto build of the GSXR before it became Thorburt. so, in my mind, why shouldn't she be ecstatically pleased with what I come up with for hers
...... Although, as she will be paying for the parts, there may well be a few concessions reluctantly granted

some might consider this a sure fire way to ignite that apocalyptic argument of doom, whose eventual outcome will be uncomfortable nights on the sofa. But, I've developed a subtle and cunning way to prevent her from noticing :rock:.....

......Yes, in the time honoured tradition of my builds. I've, so far, totally failed to lift a spanner, turn a screw or even, uncover the bloody thing!......

Haha! If I don't do anything, she'll never notice I'm straying from her brief! That'll fool her!

........It's pure & utter genius!......

...or, it would be, if it wasn't A) somewhat flawed & B) not really a plan & more the combined affects of totally apathy, lack of motivation and a chronic case of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder! :doh:

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