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I am an idiot.

Thats probably the best place to start. I am in my second semester of my MSEE @ UT, I have no time due to school. For the first time in my life money isnt the issue. I even have a small storage unit I have been parting bikes from. BTW did I mention I have no time?

And then this popped up. I scope CL for business reasons, but some guy was selling a 1986 FZ600 and a 1985 XJ600. Neither has run in like 20 years. The XJ has been sitting outside. But he has a bunch of extra parts, 1 new battery, and clean titles.

So I check ebay and confirm that the value of these bikes is about scrap. The nicest one I could find was worth a grand. I read some reviews from old MC mags. 60 hp on a good day. Air cooled 4 banger - nothing special. Except its pretty light and pretty agile. So what? the businessman in my says fuck this. Its not worth the time to pick it up. But the gearhead in me sees something special. I have no idea why.

Anyway the guy gave it all up for $200. So being a sucker I picked it up. These bikes have consumed just about all the space in my storage unit.

So to the point. Budget is $500, not including tires. Anything I part from the XJ goes towards the fund. I am $200 in at this point. Ohh, and there is one more tiny detail. I leave for Detroit for my internship on May 24. The semester ends on May 10 (my last final). Between now and May 10, I have 4 test, 2 major papers, who knows how many projects, and I am a TA for Senior design so theres that. I am already planning on buying a trailer to bring my VMAX up to Detroit, they would think I was nuts, if I showed up with a truck, and 2 bikes in tow. On a positive note as a member of FSAE I have access to a full machine shop/TIG/ tons of scrap ect.

So will I be able to get it done, while not failing out of school? If I do WTF am I going to do with a spare bike? I wont want to sell it (read: worthless) and I dont want it to sit for 3 months (read: start over). Who cares. Lets start wrenching.

TL;DR: Bought cheap project, I have no time, crazy deadlines, and way to much shit to do.

So Pics:


Junk Pile (ft: worlds rustiest tank):

So broad stroke:
-New Oil + Filter
-Carb Clean Out
-Rejet w/ pods
-Clutch adjustment
-Throttle adjustment
-new plugs
-new carb hoses
-cut down stock can

-+2/-1 gearing w/ new chain
-regrease all bearings/joints

-new front fork seals
-ZX6R rear shock (?)
-regrease head/triple
-new fork fluid
-clean and rebuild calipers
-new pads(maybe)
-brake flush

Paint Body
-White body work
-Orange wheels
-custom Ducati inspired tail w/ tailight
-cut down subframe + black spray
-gas tank repair/electroleses

First I guess I should check if it cranks and gets FAST and shit.


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$200 even if it doesn't crank you can part it out but it could be really awesome. DW

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Ya. I need to rip apart the xj to make mroe space in the storage unit, and then get going. I wish I didnt have so much going on with school right now.

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So I tore into the bike today. Both coils done, ignition box fried. Rust everywhere, carbs gummed. I dont have time for this shit.

I have the GSXR to work on now, and I have other shit going on. Anybody want to take this project off my hands? I think i will put it into the pay it forward section for free and see what happens.
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