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hey all. well, its about that time to start my build log. Thsi bike is a 94 fzr 600 i picked up last year for 700 bucks. not too shabby of a deal, but it has definetly been rode hard and put away wet like a $5 hooker. so its finally that time to tear it all down and rebuild everything the way i want it to go. As far as mods already, all it really has is resealed forks with better fork springs, r6 brakes, a ghetto ignition advancer, and some jet work. but its never quite ran right and always had its shifting issues, so it finally time for a true teardown and a big bore.:robssmilie:

my plans are to make a black and blue punisher style bike. but, this is my first build and bike ever, so this will probably be about as exciting as watching paint dry haha. but, thanks for stopping by and checking this out, and if you have any suggestions or advice, lay it on me, im all ears, since ive never truly rebuild a motor by myself before, or anything really.

so far ive gotten the motor out and the top end off, and thats where i ended up today. biggest thing is i need to rethread the spark plug holes, does anyone know of where to get the solid style threadserts for a m10x1.0 thread?

onto the mass pictures.

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