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Figured i would start a build post since there are not to many buells around here.

Ive been working on this bike since I purchased it back in 2008. I was really in search of a XB but always loved the X1. The bike has gone through a few phases over the last couple years but hopefully its to the point of just about finished.

Most of my build can be found in the noob section that i started when i first got the bike but i dont think many look in this section.

Im pretty bad at taking pics along the way of the build and mods but ill post some up that i have.

here is the bike (basically stock) the day I bought it June 12 2008 ( 2 days before my first child was born)

and here are the lasted pictures at the end of 2013

many new parts have been designed and made over the winter and not seen in the latest pics above.

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Here is everything that I have done to the bike- Everything I have labeled as MC Moto-Worx I have designed in solidworks and machined myself. Most parts were first built on a RP machined or 3D printer to verify fitment and function before machining.

-Metallic Ocean Blue paint
-Custom cut tank "BUELL" decals under clearcoat
-Carbon fiber tank inserts
-Custom HT Moto factory reworked seat
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated Chrome-moly tail (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated under seat electronics tray (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated Undertail
-MotoGadget Miniscope Speedo
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet mount for MotoGadget Miniscope speedo (powdercoated)
-B2R billet pegs (anodized black)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet marker plate mount (anodized black)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet heal guards (powdercoated)
-Frame (powdercoated)
-Rethal Fatbars (powdercoated)
-Rizoma Billet handgrips
-Bar-end Mirrors
-PreEng risers (black anodized)
-CRG brake/clutch levers
-Custom length Motion Pro clutch cable
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet Penske reservoir frame clamps (anodized black)
-All wiring hidden in handlebars
-XB wheels (powdercoatd)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated rear wheel XB wheel spacers/reducers
-Orange wheel stripes
-X1 wingarm - shaved - machined slot for hidden rear caliper (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated rear sliders/axle covers (powdercoated)
-06+ XB rear hugger (modified)
-XB front fender
-XB front axle
-Storz Steering damper
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet shifter (black anodized)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet brake lever (black anodized)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet rearsets (powdercoated)
-V-rod Headlight (painted bucket)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet headlight brackets (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet indicator light housing with LED lights
-Dual High/lowbeam Mod
-Marker plate frame with LED marker lights
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet LED tail light (anodized black)
-LED rear blinkers
-LED Oberon front Billet blinkers
-ABS LED blinker Relay
-Black XB Scg forks
-MC Moto-Worx modified XB Triple Trees with X1 stem (powdercoated)
-West-Tek rear shock front mount
-Penske rear shock
-XB ZTL2 8 piston Front Brake caliper
-Hel black front brake line
-GSXR radial master cylinder
-Rizoma Billet brake reservoir
-EBR Front rotor/mounting hardware
-XB rear rotor
-Brembo rear hidden brake caliper
-Custom hidden caliper bracket
-Brembo rear master cylinder
-XB stainless rear brake line
-Borla Race Header tubes (black ceramic coated)
-Borla Race muffler (high temp black powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx Billet Air Inake with K&N Oval Race filter (powdercoated)
-Buell Race Tune
-Powdercoated starter (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx fabricated billet aluminum pulley (hardcoated)
-Powdercoated XB rocker boxes (powdercoated)
-XB oil cooler
-MC Moto-Worx oil cooler mount (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx modified Pegasus catch can (powdercoated)
-Updated style X1 exhaust hanger (powdercoated)
-MC Moto-Worx cut cam cover (powdercoated)
-Primary Cover (powdercoated)
-Updated bronze oil pump gear/primary chain adjuster/lifter anti-rotation pins
-Zipper collapsible pushrod tubes with billet bases (powdercoated)
-ASB front Billet engine mount (powdercoated)
-Fragola Performance black nylon oil lines
-Fragola Performance AN fittings
-Amsoil 20w-50

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after the first year of riding, the bike came completely apart-

frame powdercoated

re-assembled with late model buell XB frontend and wheels (was going to do the rear swingarm conversion as well but i just like the uniqueness of the under bike shock to much and the XB swingarm to me doesnt flow as well with the tubular frame.

The dash i designed to hold the factory gauges and fit in the shape of the XB housing. It was printed on a SLS machine (3D printing sintered glass filled nylon machine) and worked great.

Here are the spacers i made to run the XB wheel on a tuber. (Tuber axle is 25mm, XB bearings are 30mm) Also is a modified ducati monster rear brake caliper bracket trimmed and clocked to hide behind the swingarm-

Needed a drive pulley for the bike. XB uses a 65 tooth and the Tuber uses a 61 tooth. Both factory pulleys are ugly and have different bolt patterns. So i made one that is a 61 tooth and looks like an XB wheel with the correct bolt pattern.


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this was when i first thought it was finished....

One thing i never liked and thought looked out of place was the aluminum tail. Its unique but just doesnt fit. so.....


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here are some of the parts ive made-

headlight brackets for the vrod head light

front drive pulley cover

air filter

penske shock reservoir to frame clamps

tail light housing

subframe and electronics tray

rear drive pulley

handlebar clamp and gps mount arm

rearsets and heel guards

oil pressure guage mount

shifter, linkage, mounting/pivot block

pulley guard/support


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lol, yes. Many late nights at work designing and machining. Its almost done though for this season at least.

I have a lot of people interested in the rear pulley, i just have limited time at the moment and not sure if many can actually afford them. The material alone for each pulley is pretty pricey plus all my time, tools, etc.

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finally rode the bike last night! Need to spend some time dialing in the new suspension configuration, but other then that it ran great!

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