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My paint has a lot of orange-peel lookin wrinkles in it - no matter what I do. I sanded it and repainted it 3 or 4 times and each time it wrinkled in a different spot.

You think that's cause it was 12F out while I was painting.

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Sounds like a common paint reaction, but if you could post a pic it would be better.
1st 12*F is far too cold, the solvent (thinner) will take to long to evaporate(flash off) if at all. This is when the thinners start to melt and react with the old paint underneath and cause the wrinkles you see. Min temp should be around 70*F or whatever 20-25*C is in F. If it looks like it is blistering/wrinkling in parts of the paint then you need to let it dry out well(1-2hrs in warm room,less in a really hot room or force drying).
Then sand flat with 400-800g wet&dry( depends on the paint you are using). Now re-apply the paint in light coats but you must allow the thinner to flash off before recoating typically 15mins. Build the coats up in this manner. However if the probs persist then you might have to remove the under lying paint or use an isolator like barcoat or uni-block.

Wrinkling (Rivelling, Pucking)



The paint film has a wrinkled, wave-like appearance.



1) Difference in drying rate between quick drying surface layer and slow drying lower layer.

2) Excessively heavy coats.

3) Incorrect thinner used.

4) Heat applies to synthetic systems.

5) Application of paint over incompatible or partially dry material.



1) Ensure spraying and drying conditions are as recommended.

2) Avoid excessively heavy applications.

3) Only use recommended thinners.

4) Take care when force drying synthetic systems

5) Ensure that finishes are compatible with previous coats. If in any doubt the existing material should be removed.



1) Mild cases can be flatted, allowed to 'breathe' and then re-coated.

2) Severe cases should be removed and recoated.
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