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I need to make room in my garage for my negligent landlord to let his completely aloof handyman try to take down my whole house from below, so here I am selling things:

5-3/4" Round Headlight with Clear Lens. Autopal Brand. Bulb or Two Included $20+Shipping

R6 Calipers

These should fit at least the 2003-2004 R6 and probably alot of other yamahas

I also have the rotors to these that I could part with if you want them too.

Make Offer (Set goes for $80 + Shipping)

VFR800 Fork lowers, front calipers and associated hoses - $20+ Shipping

VFR800 Upper Yoke - $10 + Ship
I also have the lower yoke & stem but the weld was milled down and separated. I can TIG these back together and throw them in if you want but no guarantees, I'll use mild steel filler rod and I have no clue what these are made out of.

I also have lots of random honda stem-related parts from this era, fitting VFR750 F2 F3 and similar. Just ask. If its small and you dont ask for it, its probably going into the scrap bin shortly.

GPz550 Bikini Fairing and Windscreen + hardware and rubber to attach the two $60 + Shipping

Can Split or combine things, just let me know what you are interested in. If its aluminum and it doesnt sell, its probably getting scrapped for beer money since my favorite bar is right by the scrapyard.
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