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re-lockating Back H2O bottle and radiator Cap

Evil greetings
Firstly thanx 2 all for replaying on my 1st add, will get pics up asap.

ZZR 1100, I would like to move these inlets as it looks ugly with the fering off, and bulging out like is.
uploaded the pics, Hope this works, came out a bit darkish, sorry

any ideas

gr8t day 2 all
Keep the rubber side down

I cant c a pic, pls help I might b STUPID:letsride:

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well, if the topic is still about radiator inlet relocation and overflow tank placement....

pretty much the only rule is that the radiator cap inlet has to be at the highest point of the circuit, right?

i have a question regarding the overflow tank. You know how the stock tanks have an inlet hose and an outlet hose for when the overflow tank overflows? Do these 'custom' overflow bottles that we see have an outlet hose? or is there just one hose going into the bottle from the radiator cap?

anyone have some detailed pics? I was thinking of making an overflow tank out of a Slim-Fast can because those cans are thicker and stronger than normal pop cans.

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Well i have both the overflow inlet and outlet on top of my custom bottle and it works fine. I dont even have a hose for the outlet, just a little hole on top of bottom to let air in and out and it works just fine. Its rare that the bottle will overflow unless you have too much coolant in radiator.
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