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The Problem:

I thought i would be clever and use a 2008 Aprilia rs 125 rear caliper and mount on my 98-05 wheel.

Reason being is that its a brembo caliper re branded Aprilia, it has better stopping power and looks much better than the grimeca one.

I also bought a 2006-12 rear wheel spindle because it had the spacers and chain adjuster with it, was cheap as hell too.

I have cut 1 spacer down so the wheel fits with the caliper mount but the caliper is not wanting to slip on with the spindle done up tight. The disc is catching the inside of the caliper slightly.

Is it best to mod the caliper by shaving a mm or two from the mounting point or the mount itself?

Basically which is 'safer'.

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If possible, I'd leave the caliper alone on general principles. You can be looking at quite a lot of pressure in there, and if you take too much material off it could also end up porous and let moisture in or fluid out.

But I might be misunderstanding, so pics please.
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