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Rebuilding a starter?

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I have a 1990 cbr1000f and my starter is toast. It cranks but as soon every other compression stroke it whines and won't turn over the engine enough to start it. I found a starter for $100 on eBay but I'm cheap and would rather just rebuild mine instead. Anyone know where I can find a rebuild kit? How much it would cost? Or even know how difficult it is?

Thanks in advance!

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did u try hitting it with a hammer?
Lol no! I didn't. Its the original starter from 1990. I'm sure the brushes are wore out.
take it apart slowly. take pictures along the way. clean and recut the brushes. clean everything else. put it back together. they are rather easy to rebuild.
That's great! I was just thinking that I was going to tear it all apart and then see what needs replacing. Thanks for the advice!
youre welcome. if you end up feeling like youre in over your head let me know.
Well here's the deal...

tying to diagnose a bad starter. Pulled it and disassembled it. Cleaned it. Reinstalled. Still getting the same " crank crank whine" scenario. Pulled it again. Bench tested it in my vise with a battery jumper box. Spins well no issues. Reinstalled and tested, same issue. Used the battery jumper to bypass the solenoid, same " crank crank whine" issue. So now I am left with a bunch of what if's....

Starter can't operate under a load.
Alternator is binding keeping it from wanting to crank.
Something wrong with the starter clutch? Which I have NO idea how it operates or what it does but from what I can see in the book it is not something I want to replace!

Please help....

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What did you mean by recut the brushes? They looked in VERY good condition and had a very smooth arch ground into them.... Is that wrong?

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that sounds like they are in good shape. pull the plugs and see how it spins
Well I already started pulling the alternator

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