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Rebuilding forks

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So I did a big cool wheelie yesterday and came down HARDbnow I need to replace my seals and out. I found 1 thread on here where mustphadump dropped some knowledge on how to do this on k series gsxr forks but I have a r1. Here's the thread you think I can follow tgese instructions for my forks?

The guys on the r1 forum told me take it to the dealer fucking pussys
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Also I ordered all balls fork seal kit but I'd rather go OEM but I'm not sure exactly what all parts I need to do just seals and oil can anyone point out what ill be needing off bike bandit here's the link
Did you check YouTube?

R1 forum pussys made me giggle.
I asked a shop about doing mine before I swapped em onto the bike. Even off the bike forks were 125$ each. So I spent 60$ on parts and tools and did them myself. But mine were kawi forks so I'm not giving advice. Good luck though.

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Is there a huge difference between Suzuki and Yamaha forks? It should be fairly straight forward as far as seals, wipers, and oil goes. I used the All Balls kit on my Suzuki and it seemed to be good quality.
special tools my ass, you can make a spring compressor from a ratchet strap or just use your muscles and push down on the spring to loosen the nut holding the valve. cut up an old metal baseball bat and use that or the old fork seal or wrap electrical tape around the lower tube to use as a driver. USD forks are way easier than the conventional ones.
Most USD forks are generally the same when it comes to fork seal procedure, just make sure to look up the correct fork oil height for your model.

Save yourself a few days worth of being pissed off any buy or make the special tools. You will literally waste hours an hours from your life if you are trying with bad tools. I did my first fork with a modified C-clamp ... it worked but it was horrible. I made a real tool this time. Some you can get away with holding the tube down with your hand, the TLS forks I just did, there was no way in hell. Ratchet straps work nicely.
I did my own replacement of the seals/oil in my K4 gsxr forks.

Not too hard.

If you have a friend who can help... you dont need a spring compressor. Just you or them push down on the tube in order to get to the nuts that need loosened.

If not... this is how I did mine.

First one was a pain but after that it was a breeze.
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I finally got the forks done on Friday night. Then took the bike around the block on Saturday afternoon only to find 1 fork was pouring oil out of it. WTF!!!! So last I took the 1 fork apart which turned into a complete fuck because the cap just completely stripped took a lot of ingenuity to get it off but we got it. Took the seals out check it out everything was right. We put it back together and then today I took her out....... And I put in a little extra oil just in case it was still fucked but now its not leaking at all. Something must have gotten in between the seal and the tube or something but its fine now.

It's such a easy job but holy fucking hell it fought me every step of the way this time. Thank god it done.
Something to think about, is everything straight and true? I've seen fork legs bend ever so slightly from hard wheelies, so slight that you could not tell by looking or riding but it would make the seals leak intermittently.
No the fork leg that was leaking I took back apart and reseated the seals and filled it back up with fork oil. I must have put it in wrong or something was caught in there because its not leaking anymore. It was the first 1 I did so I wouldn't put it past me to have done something wrong.
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