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reverse roatating rotors??? ever hear of this?

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Ahhhhh. Just what I needed...Welcome To The Light Entertainment "Window-Of-Opportunity" Department.

A Five Star Reply To My Post In The Stunt Rider Forum abt 'U' Turns On The Fly!

:cfrocks: :LolLolLolLol:
Re The Serious Brake Fade possibility as pointed out by
CRF3. That is a valid point. But if most back lane blasting
( Canyon strafing for our American Bro's ) rides are short blasts of high acceleration followed by a dab on the brakes to set her up followed by fast multiple changes of C.O.G as you are workin the bike through the corners this mebbe won't overheat the brakes as much as lots stoppies from 100mph plus.

With this sort of riding, you can rely more on engine braking and stomp down through the box a bit more than usual.

I suppose just like any new innovation, you have to fine tune your riding skill to take the max off what it has to offer.

Example being BMW telelever/paralever spennies which for some guys changed the way they ride for ever and never go back to conventional springing.

When I stepped on to my latest Suzi Fighter after many years enjoying a K1200RS I found I had to do a bit of Un-Learning of BM riding style and remember not to be so blas`e about mid turn use of brakes for late trimming of the line.

So I think this could be an eventual viable fitment to modern bikes. BB
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Yeah I see your point Guru Adam.

But that extra rotating mass around the hub is bad news for unsprung weight loading so other weight has to be shaved off the wheel construction I assume.

I have seen some really trick carbon fibre wheels on the net and they look as spindley as sparrow legs and I havent heard of any reports being published about failures of this type of lightweight construction so far.

Sayin' that, I don't think I will be buying any just yet.

But what an amazin' concept this guy has! BB
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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