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Hi all, another noob for your forums :)

I have been dragged into here kicking and screaming by my fiancee and one of the moderators here as I do not actually own a streetifghter however I have been doing some radical (by my standards not yours) changes to my fiancees CBR F2.

I Personally own a 1998 GSXR 600 SRAD, with the only modifications being front forks taken from the 750 and plastics from unknown model and neither of which done by me. Engine may have been tweaked in the past as I suspect it has been used as a track bike.

P.S enjoy the title, I figured I should come up with something more original than just 'Hi there' lol

*Added below pic and removed background cos no way (no offence to those that own them) do I want a cruiser in it lol


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welcom in mate ,thatsa beaut' fer sure . Good to have ya on bord here and also props fer tha work your both doin on tha Honda its comin along real nice .
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