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It's not that I do things halfazz, or lazily.. I just refuse to spend any significant amount of money on my builds and this winter is no different.. As evident by my latest creation "Ratstrosity"

Bike - 1993 Suzuki GSX1100-G, A standard bike frame with the oil cooled 1127cc GSXR motor with a mid range cam and mated with the shaft drive and transmission from a Suzuki Intruder.. From the factory like that, so what do you get when you give a gixxer 1100 a mid range cam and short gears of a cruiser?? A quarter mile beast that tries to rip your arms from your sockets once the tach goes above 7k!! I've had lots of fast bikes in my 40 yrs of riding but Ive never been on anything as quick as this...
Anyway, As for the mods to this Ratstrosity,
Built custom airbox (after 3 months of trying to make pods work on CV carbs),
Cut all steel behind engine downtube and fabbed/welded seat support/tank support.
Custom hand made 4 into 1 exhaust.
Carb not jetted but jets bored open slightly by use of torch tip cleaning files
Heavy duty Strut Spring mounted to front forks for added rigidity after fork seals blew.
Smidgen of paint here and there
New bars.
Wrapped tank in Faux Gator Skin..
Its loud, stupid fast and quicker than any other bike on the road today (1/8 mile)
Top speed 153mph
0 to 60 2.1sec
0 to 100 6.9sec
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A couple of things...........

You need to go over to the discussions of forum and open up a discussion for this so that all of this talky talk can go in there and not in your build thread per the rules. I'll move or delete these posts once you do that

All of this work you've done has been done since December 1st 2021? That was the start of the build-off

I would suggest you just go and peruse the rules so you can familiarize yourself with what's supposed to happen how you're supposed to post a picture with the current status at the start of your build and other fine points

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You seem pretty thin skinned for a dude riding this bike.......

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...and making these far fetched statements....

quicker than any other bike on the road today (1/8 mile)
0 to 60 2.1sec
We like your bike and you fit right in here, but re-read one post at a time and maybe you'll see why my comment makes sense.

Anyway, let's see some of your other creations instead of continuing with this current trend.
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