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Hi, can someone tell me what other front rims will fit Yam R1 4xv usd forks, also front callipers,
I know blue spots from R1, any other bikes got the same, maybe Fazer 1000 & gold spots are they the same?

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Calipers are simple,
1992-1999 FZR600 (Nothing special, but they work.)
1994-1996 YZF600R (Nothing special, but they work.)
1997-2007 YZF600R (Bluespots)
1999-2003 YZF R6 (Bluespots)
2005-2007 YZF R6S (Bluespots)
2008-2009 YZF R6S (Goldspots)
1998-2001 YZF R1 (Bluespots)
2002-2003 YZF R1 (Goldspots)
2004-2006 FZ6 (Nothing special)
2007-2010 FZ6 (Silverspots)
2001-2005 FZ1 (Bluespots)
2006+ FZ1 (Silverspots)
2010+ FZ8 (Goldspots)

There are more, but I thought that was a nice enough list.

As for the wheel, though the axle sizes varied a lot through the years of Yamaha performance RSU forks, the rotors and spacing did not. I know that though the rotors are different, there are a lot of similarities between the FZR600, YZF600R, YZF-R6 and YZF-R6S wheels. When looking at your generation R1, the front wheel appears to be the same as the two 2002 R6 wheels that I have.

(Bike bandit lists the front wheel bearings as 6004 series for both the 2002 R1 and 2002 R6 and Metal Gear lists the front wheel rotors as 21.014 series for both the 2002 R1 and 2002 R6.)

I am unsure of how they changed for the FZ series and I would assume they went to a larger axle for the USD forks.
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