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Im in the process of getting rid of my clipons on my SV-650 and I want to install some Renthal low handle bars. Hoping for a more comfortable ride, yet still a sick look.
1. I was wondering if anyone had any older risers sitting around or if they knew a good place to buy some risers?
2. Second I was wondering If anyone had similar bars to Renthal low handle bars. Im guessing that my clip-ons are 7/8s? (Correct me if Im wrong) I wanna be able to use all the same stuff as stock so I'm guessing I'm going to need ⅞ bars.

Thanks again


Pic of the bike

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I have a set of bolt on risers for 7/8" bars. Not sure what they are originally from but yours for shipping if they'll work for you.

I can get a pic a bit later if you want.

Later, Doug
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