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rotor decision

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Hey fellas. Just need a little guidance here. In the process of resurrecting my ninja 650r. Had a front caliper delete due to some damage sustained in a wreck. But, due to a hefty raise at work lol, my project is in full swing. Revamping the whole brake system, but my decision on rotors is at a crossroads. Full Oem set vs galfer wave set, I'll end up spending about the same. But, I'm lookin for quality, longevity, and durability. Suggestions?
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Galfer rotors look pretty sweet but I heard there isn't much performance difference. Either rotor set with steel braided brake lines would be the best.

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Think ill go with OEM + steel braided lines.
You can get quality used OEM ones online for a $100 or cheaper. That's the route I would choose
I'd rather not get used. I learned from all my car project build; buy new, buy once. Not that used parts arent fine to go with, such as body parts, lighting, etc. But engine/brake/transmission parts, new is the way to go.. At least from my experiences.
Anything that fits an 05+ ZX6R should fit your rim as well. Alth makes some really nice stuff that's going stupid cheap states side cause no ones ever heard of them.
If you going to spend the same, I would go with the galfer wave set. It isn't performance rotors, but it's a fairly honest brand. +you will get a better look for your bike.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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