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rounded Header screws

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Once again I must call on the members knowledge.
I wanted to remove my srads exhaust system to spray the headers. Should be easy right,, but out of the 8 screws that hold the headers onto the bike, 2 came off and 6 rounded. I cant for the life of me get them off.. any tips greatly appreciated. would heating the bolts with a blowtorch work??
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A bit crude but has worked, can you hammer a torks bit into the bolt if it is a hex bolt. Heat is good if you are carefull
If the allen heads are still there (haven't twisted off completely) this is the method i always use, and so far it's always worked.

Squirt RP90 or similar into the threads and give it time to work it's way in then find a torx slightly too large to fit into what's left of the allen hole, this is a torx head btw:

Hammer that fooker in there, all the way in, then get something on it with a reasonable length. Start the bolt with a jerking action (hit it with a hammer / palm of your hand if you're a tough bastard) rather than just constant pressure. It should brake any sticking of the threads and start you off. After you're done the torx is usually stuck in there pretty tight. Stick the bolt in a vice and tap the torx from the left, then the right and repeat until it comes out. Move onto the next bolt.

Good luck!
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