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Hi Folks

This will be my first fighter, due to causing more damage than first expected in my collision with a deer.

The final finished product will be a little different. Once i can get a subframe fabricated i will change the tail, for now it will be the RSVR tail.

Changes to be made

New headlight and brackets, taken some inspiration from here, so i know what im going for.
Tuono Carbon fiber belly pan.
Shorty Leavers
Carbon oil/water covers.
Digital speedo
Swing arm painted black
new black paint job with some blue that matches the wheels
Keeping the original bars
blue hoses and brake lines

Im having a few issues with the wiring as you will see in the pics.
Do i need it all?? what is the best method of hiding it?

Ill keep the pics coming as i rip more and more apart and start to tidy it up. Will be ordering parts throughout the next few weeks.
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Looking forward to see your plans coming to life :) what is the headlight you are planning to use?

the best way to hide the harness is to have some cable ties and some patient :p

usually there is some space under the tank to hide the harness
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