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Here is my review:
This is 31 paged ebook contain a "SEO Guide" that described in very detail with image so you can easily practice it.
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If you own a website, or plan to build a website, this is an essential buy. This guide is so easy to understand that there will be a misconception that its for newbies. But believe me, it touches every known concept of building a site that search engines love. Its a good start for newbies and an essential tweak guide for pros as the OP lays out the perfect plan of a SEO optimized site. The offsite seo chapter will help you to build more backlinks. There are various links to external tools to help you with the keywords, their density and various other optimizations. 31 paged raw power, use it effectively.

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this book contains 31 pages. I think i m too much late after reading this book that i should take steps as describe in this book. Really this book is the one which will stand your new, fresh blog or website visible in the internet world. I think everybody who has build his new website or blog, must should buy this book. and i m sure he will be happy on his/her investment for this book.
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my ratings
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And that's when it was $27... now it's only $15, it's expanded and updated and includes valuable backlink building bonuses!



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These methods allowed me to rank CF #1 in Google for all these terms (and many more):
streetfighter motorcycle
custom streetfighter
streetfighter bikes
fighter bikes
streetfighter forum
custom motorcycle forum

I just recently started promoting the keyword "custom motorcycle" which is a VERY competitive term (think of all those chopper shops we're up against!)
We're now sitting at #3 - 4 in Google for that term (#1 coming soon!)
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