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There's several products out there that chemically react with rust to dissolve it, I've had mixed results. Most are honestly too "consumer safe", i.e not strong enough because they're worried dumbasses will spill it all over themselves. I have not found vinegar to be very effective and it takes forever.

The fastest/cheapest method I can personally vouch for is this...
Go to wal mart/dollar store and buy a bottle of "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner. It's main ingredient is hydrogen chloride, which when mixed with water forms muriatic acid.

Mix a degreaser like Purple Power 50/50 with hot water, dump it in the tank and shake/swirl it around for a couple minutes, drain. If it came out really nasty do it again until it comes out clean. Some people toss nuts and bolts in there to shake around to break up and loose/flaking rust in really bad cases, though they can be a hassle to get back out again depending on the design of the tank.

Remove the petcock, anything that has rubber components. Shove something in it's place to plug the hole, like a natural cork or nalgene/vinyl tubing that is pinched off or plugged with a bolt. Pour a 50/50 mix of The Works and warm water into the tank. Add the water first, then the cleaner. Gently swirl it around. You should notice bubbles rising up. Don't be a dumbass, wear gloves and safety glasses when handling this, it's nasty shit. Let it sit for an hour or two. Drain the tank. Fill and rinse with water, adding a bit of baking soda each time to neutralize and residual acid. Then rinse with 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

If you can't find "The Works", you can also use a product called "On and Off", which is for cleaning growth off boat hulls, any marine store should have it. It's essentially concentrated oxalic acid, so handle with care. Failing that, any generic "hull cleaner" should do the trick.
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