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Hey guys. Here is a little info about my custom streetfighter build.

I grew up on the old Kawi triples and the Z1 900s. I still have a love of the two strokes and I like the old sit up style. So, I figured I would build a two stroke street fighter.

What I have here is a Yamaha RZV 500. It's the Japanese version so it has the aluminum frame. I'm going to paint the bike based on the stock graphics of the RZV 500 but in new R1 blue and R1 red. A few of the modifications I've done so far include:

  • R1 front end
  • R6 swingarm
  • R6 wheels
  • Ducati 916 dry clutch
  • 28mm Mikuni flatslides
  • Custom Ohlins steering damper mount
  • Custom mounts for the electrics under the gas tank
  • Custom two stroke oil tank under the seat
  • After market ZRX 1200 bikini fairing
  • Moto bars
  • Speed Hut gauges
  • Custom CRG rear sets
  • GP style chambers with carbon fiber chambers

I still have quite a bit to go, but here are a few pics. Please excuse the mess in the garage.

I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys.

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