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S&W M&P15

14.5" w/ pinned FH, standard handguard.
Around 200 rounds through it, meticulously taken care of.
Comes with Crimson Trace laser, 3pt sling (forgot the brand but it's not a cheapo), Magpul bolt catch lever, Magpul MBUS on rear (standard FSB), ERGO grip, stubby VFG (I think BCM, have to check).
Belonged to my late uncle, who was anal about taking care of his shit and liked nice things (read: quality name brand stuff). I'm selling it for the widow. On that note, I can't do much in the way of a CF discount as neither the item nor the profit belongs to me.
MSRP on S&W's website is $750 for brand new but bone stock. So... I dunno, maybe $700 considering the couple hundred worth of accessories? If that doesn't sound right, make me an offer.
I'd prefer local, but I don't mind shipping to your FFL if you're out of state.
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