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First off, if this aint supposed to be here, can a mod shove it in the right section?
It was suggested my next "machine" build go in here so here it is.

Thought up on a whim, I decided I need to make a sanding, wire wheeling station, I hate cleaning and I hate sanding, why not have something to make it a bit easier and faster?

Start off with a screenshot off my phone, didn't have a newspaper - don't read them.

Raked together some bits that looked useful, then stood there for almost an hour an a half, trying to push various tubes inside each other, squash pulleys onto stuff and scratching my head.

I found a few bits of pipe, two treadmill rollers, with spindles and bearings. Some old pulleys a couple of belts and I have a big pile of old scrap metals.

After much caffeine and ciggy's a plan was there.

slit a small pipe

Force it over a larger pipe

Then force it all inside a slightly bigger pipe

Weld the ends together - and run a drill through to remove the little blobs that went inside

Then hammer it all onto one of the spindles that came out of a treadmill roller

hammer and weld on a another piece of close-fitting pipe

which happens to be a good fit for a pulley

Some angles where bolted to some uni-strut, and the top holes where enlarged to accept the spindle

The right hand angle was welded in place. Also the treadmill rollers had the ends cut off and welded ( or tacked in the pics) to the angles to accept the bearings for the spindle

Thats all I got today because I went to use my pillar drill only to realize it runs in reverse.....

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Ok picking up were i left off the other day, I took two lengths of this slotted stuff, uni-strut I call it. I believe its called dexian too- but don't quote me on that.

I cut more slots in it and ground back some edges for welding

One length is bolted then welded to the left angle plate, and also I decided to move the pulley along a bit, so i had to grind the weld off hammer it along the shaft then weld it back in place.

a rose joint with an M14 thread was added to the end of the shaft, checked for run-out with a dial indicator before welded it fully, also welded a washer on there

The other length of uni strut was welded just next to the pulley

which creates a frame like so

Next i cut up one of the old treadmill rollers

threw the middle bit away and welded it back together, then cut the spindle down and put it back through the bearings

The uni strut bolts, have these rectangular nuts, that are shaped to fit down inside the uni-strut and have a little spring on them to hold them in place.

I cut the springs off four of them, ground the edges and faces to remove the galvanized coating and welded some 10mm rod to two of them. I also drilled the holes out, 2 to 15mm and 2 to 10mm.

With the other two nuts welded to the top of the struts, they will make tensioners / adjusters for the top roller

Starting to think about driving it now so i need to chuck a belt on it.

To change belts, either the sanding belt or the drive belt, the left side rail can be removed with three bolts.

For motors I had a choice of the following.....

240v AC 350w 11,000rpm washing machine motor......... a bit fast....

240v AC 350w 2,600rpm (ish) induction motor from an old pillar drill.......bit underpowered.

180v DC 1.8HP 3,000rpm Brushless motor....... Very cool, but the dc converters are very expensive and I don't have one....

240 3 PHASE AC, 3/4 HP 0-2800 RPM Induction motor.... Programmable single > three phase converter, with digital speed control, anti stall, soft or hard start, spin down or braked stopping and god knows what other modes.... Yes lets have that one, Leave the others in a box for a rainy day!

I shoved a belt round the pulleys, ( which happens to be an A (13mm wide) belt but the pulleys are a Z (10mm wide) but never mind. Pulled it tight and took a quick measurement.

Cut two lengths of 25x50x3mm box and welded them onto the back of the unistrut.
Put motor back on and pulled it tight, this time to mark the mounts for the motor.

I drilled them all 5MM, expecting to tap them out to 6mm. 6MM tap is missing. So is my 5mm tap so I cant shuffle it over and re-drill.
I ended up standing 5mm allen cap bolts over the holes and welding them down to make four little captive studs.

Then I bolted the motor on.

Hopefully get chance to do more tomorrow .....

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Ordered the belts this morning, but I spotted some that where a bit cheaper then the previous ones I had seen. They where slightly shorter too, so I had to shrink the frame.
Cross brace was cut off, so where the captive nuts at the top, and the slots where extended and the top of the rails trimmed.
Then I had to weld it all back together.

Also made a very simple belt tensioner.

I still have the running board off the treadmill so I chopped a square out, installed a second brace and bolted it on. It has a very hard smooth surface for the belt to slide on so should be ideal

I had the original table off my small pillar drill kicking about so I thought id put it to use as the rest for whatever I'm sanding. I fitted it side on so I can tilt it 45 degrees in either direction.

I just welded up bits of crap to fit the table, its just what was lying around so now I need to make it a bit tidier somehow


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Progress slowed down a bit with this but, its getting there. Got the motor controller mounted, and the belts turned up so I got one fitted and tracked.
I was surprised just how fast these belts will remove metal, I thought it would just be for finishing but you can shape metal pretty quickly on these.

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