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At varied points throughout his astoundingly clichéd breakdancing flick Battle of the Year, director Benson Lee has his on-the-outs alcoholic coach (Josh Holloway) gather inspiration by looking Lee's own 2007 documentary, Planet B-Boy. For his half, Lee appears to possess pored over each sports loser pic of the last twenty years, poached away all the fascinating particulars, and unbroken no matter dross was left.

From the instant the film's ''Dream Team'' of b-boys begin getting ready for the titular international dance competition, it's all on cruise control: certain scenes of in-fighting cause certain scenes of reconciliation, and Holloway spends the complete pic either delivering room speeches thus syrupy they might kill a diabetic or staring soulfully at the flask of 80-proof character flaw that he carries with him in the least times. the particular saltation scenes ar sometimes thrilling, if so much too distributed, however aside from that and also the welcome sight of co-star Chris Brown obtaining clocked within the face, the film barely gets off the bottom, a lot of less sticks the landing.

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I don't mean to puncture the fourth wall here, however you're reading this on some reasonably Web-connected pc or pill or similar. If you're really fascinated by B-boy saltation -- one in every of the pillars of hip-hop culture that, like hip-hop, has gone world -- and wish to check the ability, energy and energy of these World Health Organization keep it alive, you'll merely punch that phrase into your browser and notice hours of footage of real dancers and real competitors. that will be a far, far better investment of some time than looking "Battle of the Year," a dead-in-the-soul money grab of a pic set within the competitive world of B-boy saltation that thinks clichés, phony comedy and merchandise placement will substitute for real storytelling and actual characters.
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