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Pueling Pueman
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here we have my 1992 CBR900RR fireblade (sort of), my daily rider and superbike eater....

It is known as the SCRUFFY URCHIN
(can use pic 1 thanks Noah)
extra or new bits include

96 blade engine (919) dynotuned with dynojet kit, Dyna coils, Taylor Leads, and a DynaS2000 ignition.
Viper race can,
K&N Air filter,
Aprillia Dursoduro headlight, handmade brackets.
1999 R1 Front end (forks, wheel, discs, bottom yoke) all titanium fasteners.
Vapour gauge with surround
One off Billet Clip-ons
Harrison Billet 6-pot front brakes
R1 front brake lever/res
Hel brake lines all round
VFR swingarm and rear wheel
Customised, shortened harness
Unique hand built stainless steel one off subframe cut from 2mm and 5mm stainless steel plates(thanks to Barney, Ben, Jason and Woody at )holding an XR-750 flat tracker seat unit with a handmade one off seat, covered in Genuine german automotive leather from
Slayer sticker!!! skully sticker!! shocker sticker!!!!


0.o i didn't do it
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Fu-jac.... hi hows the weather in here? 0.o Ok so I'm gonna toss mine in again.please use green /tan pic

list of things done some i probably forgot.

94 Katana 600 frame
2k 750 kat motor with 600 head pipe
two brothers can 08 gsxr
96 750 swing arm (kat)
96 rf 600 wheel with kat cush drive n modded brake arm
04 cbr 1k tail
modded upper and tail farings for kat
home built belly pan
home built headlight mask with HIDs
rear sets added
smaller koso gauge
aftermarket levers
led front turns on levers
intigrated tail light (cbr1k)


sorry couple of small pics

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Ya know what, I'll toss the 'blade into it for the first time since December 2012. Not alot has changed, it may have gotten cleaner, VFR800 arm and wheel, a few small changes to the seats, and there is a few other small bits and bobs done, but the mod list is pretty much the same.

Please use this pic (Much appreciated that is a thing now. :)):

Three others, not very flattering though:

And it gets ridden too. Never see too many pics or vids of that. :)

Mods list:

-Bowen Upholstery seats covered in carbon and liquid silver vinyl with red piping
-Erion Racing exhaust, shorty can and upswept mid pipe
-Airtech Streamlining undertail mounted to the OEM (original) tail plastics
-Billet Manual CCT anodized red
-Wave style rotors of unknown origin
-Lowered 3/4 inch in the rear via a '91 XR250R lower "dog bone" suspension link
-Galfer dual braided brake lines
-Aluminum "race pegs" also of unknown origin, have since been replaced with CBR OEM
-EZ Pull clutch lever/perch assembly from a 2004 CR125 race bike
-Kawasaki risers mounting Moose racing handlebars to a stock (drilled) CBR triple clamp finished with superbike gel grips from progrip
-Electronics sorted, if you know 900's you know what that means
-Chopped down gauges. Just the tachometer and temp gauge remain
-Mini speedometer, started at 0 miles on this build
-EBC HH pads to haul the monster back down off the 100+hp pulls
-Tapered head stock bearings, new wheel bearings, everything in between has been cleaned in the process of the build
-7" round headlight from a Suzuki. Mounted with vintage era motorcycle engine mounts and custom clamps
-Wiring chopped and routed under the tank, all unnecessary electronics relocated centrally on the bike
-CBR600F3 right side control housing and throttle, much cleaner and modern
-Coolant reservoir relocated under the bodywork
-Barnett HD clutch springs to hook up under the abuse of wheelies and full throttle launches
-Left the battle scars of the years gone by because it had to be a little ratty when the first evolution was finished
-VFR800 Single Sided Swingarm
-VFR800 Wheel
-VFR 6 piston rear brake

Edited for a reply that will surely get cleaned out of the thread.

Never dyno tested, never weighed. Your guess is as good as mine as to where it's at now.

"More than meets the eye"
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1998 Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm

Talk about being last minute with my entry. But at least it is here. Needed to finish one or two small details and get her washed and then to select a decent location for the photos.

Let her be known as the NeoFyter

Herewith the list of mods of this here 1998 Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm:
98 VTR 1000 Firestorm frame and engine
stock front wheel, brakes and rebuilt forks (dropped 5mm through yokes)
Paintball helmet re-purposed as headlight housing fitted with Jonway headlights
Doughnut front indicators
Handmade fork covers / headlight mounts
Stock gauges fitted into custom 3D printed housings
Handmade top yoke cover / handlebar mount
Temperature and Volt gauges mounted into handlebar mount uprights
VFR800 clutch and brake master cylinders
Blade clutch and brake levers
Custom 3D printed bar-end mirrors
Custom 3D printed GoPro handlebar mount
Aluminium flask re-purposed as radiator overflow bottle
Fuel tank modified (enlarged) from 16 litre to 25 litre
Handmade sub-frame
09 Yamaha R1 tailpiece
Yamaha R1 front seat
Custom rear seat
Stainless under-tail panel
Tail lights are from 1959 Cadilac with 3-watt LED bulbs
BMC air filter
CBR600RR coil sticks
Gel battery
VFR800 single-side swing arm
VFR800 rear wheel (car wheel temporarily shelved till lips can be modified)
Exhaust system modified to suit sssa conversion
Single handmade exhaust can on left

Please use the first pic below for the vote:

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