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she runs like ass

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it starts, it idles fine, but once I get it above like 20 it has no power. I took off the ram air and the carb vents, I'm sure that is the problem, but I have no idea how to fix it (aside from reinstalling those ugly vents). thanks
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as per my pm to crf3: (figured some others might find this usefull)

put the ram air tube back on, if you can.

if not, try taking the vent filter off, and try covering some of the airbox opening with duct tape (make the opening smaller, basically)

getting ram air equipped bikes to run right with the ram air removed can be a headache. i'd try the duct tape thing first. it doesn't really limit the AMOUNT of air that the motor gets, but it SPEEDS UP the air that goes into the motor, which is what your problemn is. when you make any opening bigger, but still pull the same volume of air thru at any given rpm, the air moves slower than it would thru a smaller opening.

it's like sticking your finger over the end of a garden hose to increase the pressure and velocity of the water. same basic principle.
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ya'lls avatars are screwing with my head....
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