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I like it, gsxr tank busa wheels swinger, and forks, and those rotors ring a bell I remember the guy getting them lazer cut, but I couldnt tell you who it was or where.

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I've seen that headlight on a site somewhere...dammit...I'll dig through the Favorites on my laptop at some point, it may be in there...

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mrgixxer said:
Did you guys see this....WOW..

isnt that the setup sully has??

great looking bike. well done.

the forward exhaust isnt the same as the first one we saw, there is no block off plate on this one. bet it doesnt work as well. :confused:

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Well, by the time you factor in shipping, you're still paying close to retail.

Parts Unlimited carries the Chrome version for $115.

Custom Chrome carries all 4 versions of it between $98-$115.

Not a bad price. But you're still only saving about $5.

FWIW, Dealer on these things is like $50. The mark up is huge.
So go hunt around and see if anyone is offering them for any less.
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