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Hello guys I was just looking through my email folders with motorcycle info and I have one for the Srad:)
I noticed one said "Single sided swing arm conversion Srad750"
I can't remember who sent it to me but I think it was someone from custom fighters (where else would someone know this stuff :party-smiley: )

I hope someone can use this info.

the triumph 3 spoke wheels looks better.

this mod was done before I got the bike but since I have gotten so many questions about it I talked to the guy who did it so I will tell you all that he told me.

step 1
find center of swingarm. this is done by taking the whole assembely together without a tire, use a straight edge on the wheel up to the swingarm. mark on both sides of the swingarm to find the true center of the wheel to swingarm. (not sure if its the same on all the bikes but the vfr wheel is not centered to the swingarm)

Step 2
machining the swingarm. measure the with of youre frame, measure youre swingarm, figure out how much needs to be machined oiff each side of the swingarm for the tire to be centered to the frame.

Step 3
shock mount. On most sssa the shock is offset to one side. cut the shock mount off of the frame and move it to were it will line up with the swingarm and reweld it to the frame. I am using the stock gsxr shock and linkages. some small spacers were made to go from the linkages to the swingarm due to the mounts on the vfr swingarm being narrower.

step 4
chain alignment and sprockets. for this I had to put a shim behind each of the 6 bolts that hold my rear sprocket on in order to push the sprocket out to line up perfectly. you will also need a longer chain. I have also done the 1000cc swap but I am running a 17 tooth front (stock for the 06 gsxr 1k) and a 43 tooth in the rear (+1 for gsxr, stock for vfr) This setup took 114 links. Using a smaller sprocket in the front is not a good ideal. for a short time I had a 14 in the front and everyonce in awhile it would hit on the bottom of the swingarm. it did it enough that I had to replace the plastic wear strip on the swingarm.
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