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Are there any one sided swingarms that are almost a bolt on to the 06 sv 650? i know a few mentioned the vfr one sided but ive never seen them or talked to someone that has actually done it tryin to get an idea how much of a pain this is gona be when i deside to find one and do it...

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those wereboth nice but they are for a first gen sv is the 2nd gen sv the same? cause i know the tanks dont line up right or look right ...

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1st gen frame - 240mm
1st gen frame w/o boss's - 255mm ( Basically the max width the sv frame can handle. )
1st gen swingarm - 235mm

2nd gen frame - 247mm
2nd gen swingarm - 240mm

srad 600 swingarm - 240mm
04/05 gsxr750 swingarm - 230mm(without washers on ends)

01 r1 swingarm - 260mm

90-93 VFR750 swingarm - 242mm (SSSA) - Offset shock to Left
94-97 VFR750 swingarm - 227mm (SSSA)
Hawk GT650 swingarm - 235mm (SSSA)
RC30 swingarm - 235mm (SSSA)

05-06 ZX6R - 242mm ( 636 )
03-04 and 06-07 should also be the same. They are different styles, but all have offset shock to the left.

Ducati sr4s swingarm - 254.5mm (SSSA) *Should be the same for most ducati swingarms.
Agusta swingarm - 255mm (SSSA)
Triumph 955i swingarm - 285mm (SSSA)

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Ducati 996 swingarm 240mm shock offset to the left

The 90-93 vfr swingarm I had a guy measure for me it was like 11 something inches I gotta check back with cookies thread on that but the 996 pretty much slots into my 06 zx6r frame
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