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I need some in put here guys.

I got a chance to run a race next weekend.

I usually use Dunlops, however I could not get any in the country in time so I got Metzlers.

My only experiance with Metzlers is about 15 years ago when I raced on them in a stock class.

These new ones are I think Z1's???????

Anyone know if they are worth a shit? used to be they were long to warm up but stuck wel when tehy got warmed up.

I got a real chance to kick ass and just need peace of mind these things stick. They are not sllicks and have treads as I need a street tire and not a slick to race on in this class.

I got tire warmers and will scrub them in before the race but still I hate racing on some thing I never raced on before or did a hard practice on.

Any in put would be a big help... for peace of mind if ntohing else. I got no time to import any more.

I have plans to talk to Perelli about sponsorship but so far no luck with that.

Oh and if I may brag a bit. I have a commute to the shop of about 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on the traffic.

The other day I made it home in 1 hour 15 minutes.... on a sidecar
motorcycle. I did not know they could drift in a corner but man they really do when you need to ha ha. :knucks:

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i have no experience with this tire, so i really cant speak from it....

but this place says:

Metzeler Z1 Tires
Performance Radial Rear Tires

High performance, superb grip; track inspired design for quick transitions from straight line to full lean angles; excellent response

Mono-ply casing uses nylon cords
0° steel belted design for high wpeed stability
Tread design provides excellent water dispersion at any angle
Excellent heat dispersion
but im not seeing a whole lot about theses. looks like its an older tire... something that we dont get in the states anymore?? but mbe in other countries?? (i found some foreign sites selling them but no US sites)

Apparently it was created in 1992

1992 - Metzeler introduces the worldwide first 0° steel belted radial rear tire for motorcycles - the ME Z1.
cited from :
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