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Bob inspired me to do my own paint. Rattle can style :)

Plastic is abs, so I started with a 220 to get it down to bare plastic. Then soap and water washed. When completely dry I used isopropyl 70% on a lint free rag as a wax and grease remover. Shot down a layer of "adhesion promoter" and followed it's instructions (don't recall the specifics atm) then used a high build primer, sanded that down gently with 220 and a few more coats later, wet with 1000.

Then I laid down gloss black, a few light coats and 2 heavy coats over the span of an hour.
Let that cure over night and then all day today in the sun. Did some wet sanding today. I'm wet sanding with 1000 over a bit of sponge. My thought was it would offer the best uniformity over the curve of the plastic.

Click image for bigger, more detail.
I'll be laying down 2more colors, simply layers and "distressed" patches. Unless I feel inventive then I may do fabric and screen mediums for layers, effects, textures... not 100% sure yet.

now the questions
Will the shiny, unsanded spots above effect adhesion of top layers? If so, how bad can it be?
And I am planning on wet sanding what I lay down next before I clear... What effect will that have on this black base?
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