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MotoGP Will Be On Speed
by dean adams
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
After months of rumors that the '07 MotoGP season would only partially be shown on Speed—with "another network" picking up some of the races, Speed's PR person sent us a schedule last night showing all of the '07 races being shown on Speed.

Presumably, this means that a Speed/Dorna/MotoGP agreement has been reached, although no one at Speed has actually said this is the case. There is a virtual wall of silence from Speed on the subject of MotoGP.

There were plenty of backstories and rumors regarding the US MotoGP television schedule this off-season, with Speed said to be unimpressed with Dorna buying network time to do their own USGP telecast, and Speed not motivated to close the MotoGP deal simply because MotoGP programming on Speed doesn't draw that well.

US Superbike and a variety of other programming on Speed regularly pull more viewers than MotoGP. Although Dorna's own USGP show did pull decent ratings...

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hannibal said:
75% of the time I flip to Speed Channel, its some NASCAR crap on. Not even the races. but always NASCAR news or an interview with the crew chief cousin's or the drivers baby's mama.

thats the reason i miss all the good shows on there, i assume that nascar is always on there. so i never really think...oh yah shit MotoGP is on.

i think miller set up the reminders to tell us when the races are. you just have to subscribe to each thread.

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