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Hey Guys, I'm starting this thread to document the progress on my 2000 YZF600R, i had pictures up till this point but i can't seem to find where they are at the moment so these from today will have to do... I'm looking for all the input i can get as to what direction to take this thing, so please speak your mind!

Mods so far...

Chopped off rear subframe
MOTY 8 cell small case battery
Billet clutch and brake levers
Billet grips
Billet bar end weight mirrors (not on at the moment)
Billet brake fluid cap
Removed ignition and replaced with switches
Billet no key fuel cap
Crappy front fairing with lights and signals
Made coolant reservoir out of aluminum water bottle, moved to rad
Dropped front forks
Made shitty temporary exhaust can with minor baffle
Led tail light with integrated signals
Cut and painted lower fairing, redid heat shield and made new brackets
Cut rerouted and shortened wiring harness
Airbox mod
K&N air filter
Fuel sponges in tank to stop the sloshing
Frame sliders, right side is off at the moment

Things I also have but haven't put on yet...

Front brake rotors
Front brake pads
Front braided lines
Rear braided line
Rear brake rotor
Rear brake pads
Carbon fiber tank wrap
Billet fork preload adjusters

Things i'm thinking of getting or need to be done...

8-10" billet swingarm extensions
Dual dominator headlights
Grind off ugly frame parts
paint paint paint
Replace fasteners, screws bolts etc..
Replace all hoses, lines etc..
Exhaust canister
Wrap headers
LED turn signals for front
Upholster seat with leather
Replace front and rear tires
Make choke lever bracket
Make grills for air intake holes
Make proper battery box
Front wheel mushroom bobbins
Weld on or figure a way to put rear swingarm spools
Front and rear fenders?
Replace clipon bars
Make phone mount so i can use gps speedometer
Replace chain
Front and rear sprockets

And thats about it, i need input on if you think the dominator lights would look good, i think so... what tail section, i'm thinking maybe a pocket bike tail, i like small tails... i was planning on blacking out the entire thing, shiny black frame, matte black and carbon fiber everything else.. sound good?

Thanks for looking guys!


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Hell yeah man, interested to see this.

You plan on throwing on some lower support on that chopped subframe, right?

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Not much been going on, i cant decide on a tail.. have been looking at literally hundreds of options and i just cant make up my mind. anyways got some mirrors, but i think they look like shit and came scratched up, got some bar ends too they are ok, got some new foot rests and got some grips but they sent some mx bright colored closed end shit wrong ones, every time i deal with some ebay person from china this crap happens... also broke off a engine mount bolt holding the frame slider so i started drilling that out, fun times.

I really need a tail, if you got something for sale hit me up, also need an exhaust can, condition doesnt matter its getting chopped up anyways, oh and i need a hedlight, dominators, dual projectors? what ya got?? any anyone want these fuggin' grips!?


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got a little further along on by bolt drilling today, fuck these things really suck to get out... i couldn't resist so i took the bike out for a kick around the area real quick, runs like a champ and wheelies like like a demon!..

side note... anyone know why my calipers would just randomly be cycling through numbers? i just replaced the battery 2 weeks ago it couldn't be dead yet, might be just screwed up.. more Chinese shit, i guess its my own fault for buying a $5 tool.


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im excited to see a local fighter , hes actually 15 min from me, going to try to help with the welding. if you think this is a wheelie demon though I don't think il be letting you ride my 10 anytime soon lol. I also have a lathe btw ; )

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im so friggin pissed, yet again i ordered some grips and they are fucking wrong!!! wrong wrong wrong, god damn ebay shit, i ordered a simple pair of bike-it super grips, not hard, but i get rock solid hard rubber fake bullshit now... fuck. im getting a refund and these are going in the shitter.

this is the second pair of fucking fake grips now!...

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I am just about to start the same project, I hope it turns out looking as good as your does.

Please can you tell me where you managed to hide the battery?

Any tips on making the birds nest of wires under the fairing look better would be great too!
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