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I bought my '89 FZR 600 back in 2001 with no intention of even pulling the plastics off of it. I rode it for a season, pulled it apart and polished everything and the plastics went flat black and I rode it for another season.

2003 came along and I pulled it out for spring.. I though I would be nice to the old girl and put some new plugs in it for the seaon.. WRONG! I pulled the 4 out and put the first 3 in with no problem, I put the 4th one in and it kept spinning and spinning and spinning.

All pissed off at it I stuffed it in the garage for the whole summer and started the BIG mods the following winter.

It already had...

A full V&H SS2r race exhaust
Factory Stage 3 jet kit w/4 chrome capped K&N's
Factory shift kit
Barnett clutch
and a shaved head .010

I added..

2004 R6 front end
2001 R1 front calipers
Sharkskinz front fender
Speigler extended steel braided brake lines (2 in the front)
Acerbis number plate with projectors
Polished LSL upper tripple with risers
TAG X5 CR high MX bars
2004 front brake master (run's DOT5 brake fluid)
Foam grips
Veypor computer w/custom mount
Shindy steering damper w/custom mounts
2000 YZF 600r gas tank w/custom front mount
2001 R6 front seat
2001 R6 tail section w/thick fiberglass solo cover
2004 SV 1000 tail light w/integrated turn signals
Custom undertail
Custom painted frame (translucent candy apple blue w/pearl and metal flake)
Custom 12 o'clock bar
Custom crash cage with a 5" polished billet frame slider and a 1" black delrin puck

Mod's soon to be done..

Custom 520 front sprocket w/ an 8mm offset to the outside
+3 520 rear sprocket
New x-ring 520 chain
2004 R6 swingarm
2004 R6 rear rim
2004 R6 rear brake's along with the master cylinder
Grand Dragon rearsets :D
Re-wired handle bar controls
Adjustable shorty levers
Cable driven rear hand brake (hook's directly to the rear brake master)
MX easy clutch pull adapters (for clutch and hand brake)
New custom handle bar risers with a one piece top clamp
New TAG 1 1/8" MX bars
GPR or Scott's Damper (havent decided yet)
New foam grips
New paint for the gas tank, tail section and cowl, and front fender
Powder coat the frame, new swingarm and maybe the rims

Really bad stoppie picture.. it was the photographers fault lol


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I like it a lot. It has a mean look to it with the all black. Im feelin the frame color too. Got any close ups of the frame color?

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cRaZy8 said:
Got any close ups of the frame color?
ummmm I dont know haha. Ive got so many damn pictures of it. They might be on the other computer.. When I start workin on it in the next week or so Im gonna wet sand the frame down and polish her up. Then when the sun comes out Ill take some pic's

Just where the blue is, I took it down to bare metal with a 2" cleaning disc and made overlapped swirls from the front to the back. Then painted over the bare metal.. Because the paint I used is translucent you can see right into the paint and into the swirls. As soon as real sun light hits it and the bike changes angle, it looks like you can dip you hand right into the frame. Il see what pix I can find, its pretty wild.

The Green Lantern said:
didnt you add a hand brake as well???
Yeah I started it, I still need to make a bracket that hooks to the brake master. But I didnt start workin on that til December.
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