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So I have a 1990 CBR1000f, I have come to terms that the starting motor is good but I think it is the starting clutch. I am getting a crank crank whine senerio. If that means anything to anyone. In other words it will crank a few times then all I hear is a whine noise with no cranking and then it will crank and few more times then go back to whining... Bench tested starter it is good. Also jumped the starter, bypassing the solinoid using a jumper box and still had the crank crank whine. And yes I tore apart the starter and all was good inside. Cleaned everything and reassembeled with no change. So I know its not the starter or connections. Seems like it stops cranking when building compression.

Anywho... So I am going to start taking some stuff apart to see if that is what is wrong (starting clutch). Alternator and alternator shaft and whatnot.

But what I need to know is if it is possible to change the starting clutch without removing the engine and without tearing it all apart.

Please help!!!

Thanks all,
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