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Anyone know where to get just an axle for a balancing/truing stand? I first tried the harbor frieght static balancer, which was junk so returned it. Then I tried a Motocentric one from MC superstore, which since it cost $90 figured it must be a little better quality. The stand itself is sturdier and the bearings actually roll smoothly unlike the HF one, but the axle was also bent right out of the box.

Since Motocentric is apparently a house brand of MC Superstore there's no separate customer support or anything. Since I bought this over the winter when it was on sale for "deal of the day", it's outside the 60 day return period. MCS wants me to ship the whole stand back at my expense, then wait 4-8 weeks to process a warranty claim, and I "may" be responsible to pay the shipping back to me as well. This stand is heavy, it's almost 30lbs and UPS wants a small fortune to ship it back. Uhhh, no.

Any ideas on where to get a new axle? All I could find online are for bicycle wheels. Guess I could get some slightly larger round stock and have a buddy turn it on his lathe to the right diameter.

On another note, I think I'm done ordering from MC superstore as well. They dicked me on a price-match claim once before, and their customer service staff is by far the worst I've dealt with of all the major retailers (dennis kirk, revzilla, motorcyclegear, jakewilson). I've gotten hung up on several times after waiting on hold and the live chat is just as bad. "just return it follow the instructions on the website" CHAT ENDED was all I got there.
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