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Right then...
Completed my Oldskool gixer powered Zed and moved onto something a little more modern.
Now do i start from the beginning and a rough run up to where i am now, or a little more detailed? i've been building this for over a year now. Still can't believe how slow it's been. I keep banging on at myself about it, but the major work is nearing completion now, so hopefully it'll get it done this year.
Hopefully you don't get bored reading this, stick with it til the end, i think it's worth it.
Anyway, I aquired a slabby 750 frame..modern he says...25 years old!
This came down from bonny Scotland, along with a swingarm and tank...though, niether got to be used...more on that later.
First thing any normal grinder nut does is take off the subframe...lovely, then the serious work can begin.
Gixer frames like to be strengthened around the headstock, and the normal way is a nice fat piece of ally plate welded into the hole either side of the casting.
Another thing i wanted to do, is fill in the cast parts around the swingarm to make the frame clean, so i did this within fabricating the shock mount. I cut the original off as i'm using an R1 arm...hence getting rid of the slabby arm. Shame....i did a bit of work to it, but it's found another home.

So you can see the original slabby arm, i welded on a 4xv overbrace and axle blocks with support from a piece of sacrificed slabby arm. This was before i realised how much offset was in an R1 arm and with the wheels i'm using just wasn't going to out it went.

Fitting an R1 arm aint too difficult, depending on how you want to do it...OE shock and linkage grafted on or use the entire R1 arm and shock/dogbone. Actually fitting the arm into the frame is just a matter of cutting off a little from either side of the pivot tube and knocking the needle rollers further inboard to accommodate, then turn down the bearing sleeve to fit and open up the pivot holes in the frame to accept the larger bolt.
I decided i would use the arm as it is, so that's why the shock mount and lower dogbone mount gets lopped off the frame during the closing in.
I set the arm to 12 degrees, fabricated the new dogbone mount, and tacked it to the frame.
Then it's a matter of bolting it up with the R1 shock and get a datum for the upper mount. In this case, the mount is right in between the cross rail of the OE mount and an extra rail i fitted earlier to support the tank.
I've kinda made this redundant now due to the fact that the slabby tank isn't being used, as i said at the i'm not 100% sure this part of the frame will stay as it is, though it has its uses. And the reason i'm not using the tank, i'm fabricating my own from aluminium.

The pic above shows the arm in place with the newly fabricated dogbone mount fitted to the bone ready for tacking to the frame....And the pic below with the adjustable shock mount fitted and the fabrication of the upper mount. You can also see the cast parts of the frame closed in, looks way cleaner...

And from the clean does that look!

That then is the major frame work out of the way. I could go deeper into this, but like i say, i've been building it over a year, and sure most peeps here aint seen it, but anything you request to see, just ask.

The front end is a slight problem.
I scored a set of GSXR K7 usd's and radial calipers, but there's an issue with the wheel fitment. Maybe someone will read this and help out. It's not a major problem, but i can't figure out why, other than getting shot of the fork legs in exchange for R1 items why i have a problem spacing the wheel. As it can probably be seen from above, i'm using R1 2007 five spokes...fukin love em, just a pain getting them in...or the front anyway. Slightly offset discs would help. I can only presume the leg lowers are offset from the K7 items as the calipers determine how far from the leg the wheel is spaced, and being radial, it's not adjustable...only disc offset.
So that leads me to another slight problem...i fabricated a lower yoke using dimensions that as it works out will probably be out by about 5mm. No big deal, i'll make another lower yoke, but i need to finalise the front wheel problem first.

Said yoke...1st one i've made, it's not going to be the last. It's all a learning process.
You getting bored yet? lol. it is, i have a rolling chassis, if not 100% right, bloody close, and close enough to carry on.

The seat unit i'm using is off a ZX6R. I have cut about 50mm out of the middle of it to make it narrow enough to suit the slabby frame...and was tank...
The subframe for the seat unit is constructed from 10mm stainless tube. The whole structure is lattice frame with inserts threaded to accept rose joints for fixing to the frame.
The framework is 90% completed all bar finishing welding. There are two more tubes to fit to create one more triangle, but needless to say, it's been weight tested...even though it looks flimsey as fuck...that's the idea.

A stainless pan sits on the frame that will be built up into a seat, moulding the whole lot together nicely. So the seat unit fits thus...

So...the tank.
The only problem with slabby tanks, pretty as they they don't fit!
In my eyes, they look like they're clinging onto the frame, which upsets how the seat fits and just looks bad to the eye...well mine anyway. So what to do? Make it fit by chopping it up or what?
Fuck it! Build another...hell, i've never done that before either! How hard can that be!?
Yeah well...where the fuck do i start?
Make an English wheel first might i made an English wheel.
Now i gotta figure out how im going to make this tank. Easiest way i reckon is to build it out of about six components. Firstly i made a base, this needed a bowl and an inverted cavity to house the electrickery.

And to get the tank shape...a snake head type thing, two cutouts for the legs, two front side pieces and a top. Then weld it all together and blend it.

The general shape can be seen in the pic above, it's a matter of bashing it all together to get the pieces working together then start to weld the sides to the base, starting with the back leg cuts. Then weld in the front sides, making sure the tank stays symetrical and finally getting the top on. The pic below shows the sides going on...

The top getting readey for fitting...a rolled edge needs to be applied to both the top panel and the sides before welding...

Before finally ending up with this...

And here it is all fitted together on it's wheels again...the shape of the bike is really taking hold now!

I got a cap for the top just turned up, so i can get that welded in, then i'll post up a pic of the finished tank, but for now, that's the overall on the main structure.
I moved onto getting the frame completed by getting the hangers finished.
In order to make a matching set, i cut the top mount of the gear change side lug on the frame off and moved it to the same position as the right hand side. Why Suzuki did this, i don't know.
I've utilised R1 pegs and cut out two levers. About four hours work per side...crazy!
Then turned up two sleeves which then are welded into the arms and finished off with two toe pegs. The heel plates are titanium held on with three stainless capheads.
I'm just in the process of fitting these assemblies to the frame. I welded a boss onto the inside of the frame, tapped and threaded for an R1 rear brake cylinder and bolted it on.
The brake lever acts on the cylinder remotely via a linkage affair through the hanger. A slight bit of adjustment is required for clearance purposes with the swingarm, but this job is near complete too.
The gear change side will be sorted when i get the motor back in the frame and do the engine plates....which aint too far away.

And fitted, the rod going through the hanger will be a little shorter to clear the swinger...

You can just make out the cylinder above.

So, there it is. A condensed run down of my build to date.
As mentioned..the major work is last! Still the front to settle, but in the main, finish off bits here and there, then think about an overall finish for the bike.
As i get get bits finalised i'll post them up, there's bits i've missed out, otherwise this could end up a really boring read...but hopefully you made it to here and enjoyed it so far.

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This is probably gonna be the best looking slabside I've ever seen. I'm very excited. A trellis subframe is the sexiest thing you can put on a bike. I don't know why you don't see more of them.

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dude this is an awesome build love the craftsmenship i hope my skills become as good as yours one day but i must say...

why dont you make your own tail as well u did a sick job on the tank why not make a tail that flows real good with the tank?

i say do it! WHO'S with me

oh and by the way dude you think u can give some close-ups of where the sub-frame connects to the frame

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Fuck! Guys...i'm overwhelmed with the responce!
1st baf....i've been asked this allready, and given it serious consideration, just gonna have to wait and see.
I'm not sure if this is what you wanted....this is early in the frame fab, i still hadn't welded the inserts into the tubes and was just getting the idea sorted in my head, but you can see how it's done....

I honestly didn't expect such a great reaction...i'm back at work next week, so maybe there'll be an updated tank pic with a cap fitted.
Thanks peeps, you're too kind.

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Quality stuff dude, get some more pics. We are pic whores :).

Looking awesome so far, keep up the good work.

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Dude that subframe is sweet. It's almost a crime that you won't be able to see the whole thing....Hmm, clear tail? lol

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Stig mate ,awesome pictorial and writup,gorgeos bike and work..Its grate ta see the brits showing some skills here ,Yerself and Tosh are doing so fookin well.Thank tha Lord Harry yew came back lad!
Now I gotta pinch yer trellis system and get that on me KZ ,thanks bro :D
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