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Stretched Swing Arms and Maneuverability

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So stretching the swing arm widens the wheel base and lowers mobility, but how much? I'm kicking around the idea of a small stretch, 3"-4", just enough to be noticeable but not ridiculous. Some threads I've seen make it sound like the bike will be unridable in anything other than a straight line but I'm not planning on... blast, what do the kids say nowadays? "Slamming the twistes".:LolLolLolLol: It's mostly gently curving or straight highways up here and the standard urban/suburban environments.
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can't see 3 0r 4" making it too different
Anything over 6" you'd notice it. Mostly it'd be reduced turning in speed and loss of flickability
3-4 isnt bad. one thing you will notice is it will raise the rear of the bike a bit (as long as you arnt lowering it) you could drop the front end a few mm. i wouldnt lower it more than 10mm. it will bring some of that flickability back in
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Flickablity- to "flick" your bike over with ease into a corner
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no difference from my experience. Those who say one tire size up or some 3 inch extensions

"killing the handling"
"throwing the geometry into dangerous territory"


That's all i have to say. buncha parrot speaking no-nothing toaster headed twats
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Got a 4 inch stretch on my bandit 12.Dont really notice a huge difference in cornering.Less wheelie prone on hard launch at the strip tho.So all good in my books....
depends a good bit on the stock geometry, but also the power you are working with.

on a big hp bike its less noticable.

the more hp you have, the less you will notice it.

dont do it if you ever ride in the city other than passing through.

if you ride with passenger a lot, its nice though when on the highways. you dont have to worry about throwing her off the back every time you hammer it.
You need to make sure your shock is set up right for a longer arm. That probably means a new shock, at a minimum a stiffer spring (not just playing with settings).
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I dunno man, I have never had issues on the extended ones I have picked up with just the lowering link. I think when its under 4 inches its not enough to really matter if the shock isnt clapped out, but I wouldnt argue it makes no difference, I just think with a healthy low mileage shock you are ok.
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4" over on the Kaw. I did feel a difference, had to use a little more effort in the twisties but not to much. Didn't stop the power wheelies though...:robssmilie:
My swingarm is around 24" long I think, so a 4" stretch would decrease effective spring rate by 1/6 or so. Not a huge amount but certainly enough to notice. At a minimum you should increase the preload.
I had a 4 inch extendable JMC arm on my old 711. Didn't notice it much in traffic, i only really noticed it on a track day, and once riding through macquarie pass, both times the back end stepped out a bit. From my mates riding behind, i looked awesome, from the riders seat, not so much.
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