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Is my bike ok?
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I bought a chopper a while back that had a CB 750 engine in it. I know for a fact it had been stored indoors and not run in 25 years.

I cleaned the carbs, replaced the fuel lines and de-siliconed the engine ( I hate that stuff) . She fired up on the third kick and ran like a champ for the short time I owned her. I pit about 1500 miles on it in a couple months.

Whenever I go to start an engine that's been sitting for a while I like to fog the cylinders and kick or crank it over several times before lighting the ignition. I usually do this for a day or two. Checking compression each time to assess if anything is changing or improving. Just to give it a little help and some lube on the rings. I use PB Blaster incase there's a stuck ring. Just my methods. I'm sure there are others. I hate to see a "dry " engine just fired up with no precursory help.

Good luck with it. I really hope it pans out for you. Keep us in the loop, please. I love to see old bikes getting life breathed back in to them.
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