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I found some info on another forum, under a thread titled "The Master swap list for 1998-2012 Kawasaki sport bikes" so, credit to the original poster.


-03/04 ZX6R Subframe can be swapped over, there is a bit of welding, more details here: Project"636"tail swap.Final VERSION!!
-05/06 ZX6R Subframe can be swapped over as well, there needs to be brackets made, and some time but it can be done. my undertail project for 00-02 zx6r so far........
-07/08 ZX6R Subframe i have recently swapped over, there needs to be brackets added to the upper mounts of the subframe, and then brackets made and bolted or welded onto the frame for the lower mounts, the subframe is skinnier and offset for the undertail exhaust. On top of the work to get it mounted, there is a bit of working making cover panels for it to make it look right because its designed to have them there.
-09/10 ZX6R Subframe i have not done or seen in person, but it looks like a pretty simple swap for the most part, and it looks cool, but no info on it yet.
-06-08 R6 Tail swap, bolts right on the upper subframe mount, but you need to make a lower mount which can be easily bolted on and be adjusted for correct tail height. Seat lines up with tank with some work, but the Subframe bolts up pretty easily. Problem i ran into was there is not exhaust hanger, but other then that, its a very different mod, and its actually a quite simple bolt up with some minor drilling and simple tools can have it done in a few hours. If you are attempting to do this, then I would hope and assume you have some wrenching skills, if not, it may be hard.
Anyway, I hope it helps.

PS: I'm not entirely sure about what his reference bike is. He listed three in his post.
Now some basic information regarding the bikes covered.
98/99 ZX6R "G" Model
00-02 ZX6R "J" Model
05-08 ZZR600
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