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I slapped on the Gixxer headlight the other night when I finally got it back from the painter, but wasn't happy with the mounting and couldn't get it aimed right (too high), so I swung by Home Depot to see what I could find for a better mounting system.

I used: 2 brass machine screws and washers, a set of Stanley mending plates, 2 electrical conduit clamps, a wood screw, and some muffler strap. I also bought some sheetmetal but after sucking up two hours of my time, I could not do what I wanted - a metal shroud to go around the headlight - without it looking like pure shit.

Anyway, between all the painting and drying time, modding the parts to fit how I wanted them to, fucking with the sheetmetal, eating lunch (at 4PM), and cleaning up after I was done, I spent a good 7 hours out there in the heat.

I'll post a pic soon, bike's just about done for now. I want to get the steel braided brakelines on there, they didn't come in on time, but if I go on a ride tomorrow to Lake Placid I'll shoot something. In the meantime, here's a pic of another all-day project from last weekend: replacing the fork oil with a heavier weight (from 10W to 15W). I also moved the forks up in the triples 1/8" to see if I could make it steer a little quicker.

What you're looking at is a ghetto-lift: rear wheel stand, car jack (and a block of wood) under the oil pan, and an old Jeep tow strap to stabilize the bike. I need a front stand! :LolLolLolLol:

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