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Sup ,IamKoolAiid ...

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Hey everybody... Name is koolaiid , just bought my first bike, 1993 hond cbr 600 f2 , i like the idea of turning it into a streetfighter dint know where to start tho. Plz help amy and all builders/riders/enthusiasts

I'm on my phone right now so i can't post pic til tomorrow
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welcome to CF.
You can either jump right in by removing the fairings, or look around at some build/pic threads for inspiration first.
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Welcome to CF.............
My pix yal

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if you broke (like me) strip all the stuff you can off of the bike and put it on CL or eBay. Get a little bit of cash to get some other parts.
Good thinking... How much do scratched up fairings normally run? , only one Lil scratch on side


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Those fairings look pretty good for a 20 yr old bike. check ebay and see what they're selling for. Try to dump them on Craigslist or a local forum(don't forget to read the classified rules)
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