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I dunno, I'm still working on a name.

So it's an 03 SV 1000.

Picked it up with a little under 15k miles on it, bent front end and a lot of shitty mods for $2000. Seemed to run great so I said fuck it.

I actually happened to have an '04 GSXR front end, which bolted right up, no mods required. The front end is a conglomeration of GSXR 750 and GSXR 1000 parts so it has the 750 uppers and the 1000 lowers with radial calipers.

I got some ZX14 clutch and brake master cylinders for it, they work awesome, really light feel and super easy to pull on. I like them responsive, some people like more resistance but I think once you get used to them it's easier if they're light.

Renthal clip ons

eBay headlight thing, it's a dual projector basically. Just uses regular bulbs but I plan on upgrading them to an HID kit, just waiting for a good deal.

Speaking of good deals I'm probably gonna buy a ZX6 steering damper off this guy for $100 and send it to Ohlins so they can rebuild it for another $100 and make it work real nice...

HEL stainless front brake lines.

The previous owner had a bunch of shitty ass mods, basically he was too lazy to take care of his bike or do good work on it. His friend did a highmount exhaust thing for him but it came out cheesy and the welds are all rusty now. He also removed the baffles with what was likely a table fork or maybe some scissors and it just looks horrible on the inside, so I can't really do much with the stock pipes, maybe I'll make a potato gun out of them or something, I dunno. I'm hoping to get a nice deal on a 2-1 yoshi system or maybe have a friend build me one. I axtually wanna get a welder this winter and do it myself. I'm thinking ducati streetfighter style, 2 on the side.

So then the next thing is to remove the stock tail and hook it up with some kawasaki race bodywork, I really like the styling of the late model ZX's.. Got a passenger subframe already.

Gonna try to get a new frame for it cause this one is a salvage title. I will paint the new frame before I swap everything over to it. This will give me a chance to learn more about bike building and also to check everything. Whatever, it's gonna be a long winter...

Pictures! More to come too...

I'm definitely getting smooth with an angle grinder...

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Sounds like you got something good going if we knew what it looked like
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