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Well after a solid week of 5 hours/day working on my bike, I figured I would create a thread and hopefully get enough motivation to put this beast back together.

First, let me start by saying that I am drawing almost all my inspiration from Eisenfaust's amazing rat fighter build for his sv650. He has been super helpful pointing me in the right direction while I've been tearing into things and sourcing all the pieces for this build. With that said, I'll show my progress so far:

Day 1, Bought my first bike, a yellow SV, very beautiful stock bike

Didn't do much to it the first summer except for a shorty slip-on, painted wheels, and some maintenance. Fitted a new rear tire in the spring and found Eisenfaust's thread for the Rat Fighter, I was immediately in love and started researching street fighter builds and everything that comes with it. My car took over for most of the summer while I rode my bike, but come about 2 weeks ago, I got bored one afternoon and decided to pull the entire tail section off the bike:

This gave me the confidence to decide I wanted to chop my SV and do a Rat Fighter. So I went ahead and got some plate aluminum for the seat assembly and all the electronics together for the tail lights. That includes some dual intensity LED bulbs and a taillight integrator to put the blinkers into the brake lights. I spent a saturday milling the aluminum plate into the seat frame, but I have yet to cut out the actual seat.

Then began the teardown, I don't have many pictures from the first half, but I started by tearing off the tail section, tank, airbox, injectors, and getting the wiring harness out of the way. Then I spent some time grinding some sockets to get the castle nuts off the engine and swingarm. I finished day 1 of the teardown with the engine out of the bike and some pretty black fingernails:

Painted the engine black the next day:

Over the past week I have been slowing tearing down the frame and the swingarm. I removed the front forks, steering column, and the wiring harness. What is left of the bike scares even me:

Tonight I finally finished removing all the odds and ends from the frame and swingarm, they are going to the powdercoaters for a lick of black tomorrow:

Todo Still:
-Rebuild the Forks with emulators
-Find a new HID headlight for the bike
-Cut out and mold the seat
-Make a nice place for the electronics/battery under the tank

Hopefully I can get some pictures of the seat frame and the new brake lights. Let me know if you have any ideas for the bike, I'm so excited to get it back together, but I have to keep telling myself to take my time.
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