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- Secure the motor with a jack or something else
- Loose the 6 bolts that hold the motor in place. 2 bolts in front, 2 bolts below and 2 bolts behind the motor but keep the nuts on and the bolts in place for now
- Take off the right side frame brace
- Then take off the bolts from the right side. While pulling the motor out of the frame take off the bolts from the left side when needed

- twist and angle the 1100 motor into the frame and slide in the bolts behind the motor first
- secure the motor with a jack or something else again
- then secure the left side bolts, reinstall the right side frame brace and secure the right side bolts
- tight down the bolts to proper specs

-in case you want/have to mix GSX-R750W/1100W wiring harness, CDI and ignition lock check for a orange/yellow wire which connects to the CDI
solder a 100ohm-150ohm resistor between the orange/yellow wire and ground
in case you can't find that wire don't worry about it, you're good to go then

-there is a pink wire coming from the transmission heatshrinked with the neutral wire
this wire isn't in any diagrams and is for a the gear sensor to retard the ignition under certain circumstances
it connects to the left plug into the CDI, just leave the wire alone and insulate it in some way

-in case you have a GSX-R1100W gas tank and wiring harness you can reconnect/reuse the fuel level sensor
the GSX-R750W doesn't have the sensor nor the wiring for it

-in case it is a '95 frame, you will have the additional motor mounts above the engine
there are two brackets inside the frame under the gas tank and you'll need to either file them a little off to the inside or you just take the rear one off completely
otherwise the GSX-R1100W carbs won't clear - have a look at catman's build off bike, the things where the steering damper bolts onto

-you'll need either a hydraulic clutch master cylinder, a 14mm is good enough
or you convert the clutch to cable driven but that is a pain in the butt

-the 750's don't have external oil coolers but a oil/water interchange right where the oil filter sits
you may take it off the 750 and put in on the 1100 and spare the oil cooler as long as the motor isn't 'hot/tuned'

-the GSX-R750W header is to short to clear the motor/frame, a GSX-R1100W is necessary here

hope that helps a little and I haven't forgotten any essential steps :fingers_crossed:
it is not to much and can be done easily during a afternoon operation :rock:
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