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Hey Ho!!!

It's been a while.

So... I picked up a new project bike last night.

Same old story...
Was surfing through KIJIJI.
Found a bike that had been dropped.
Turned out it was an SV650, which I'm familiar with.
Turns out the front end was screwed. (I've done one of those swaps)
Turns out that I still have an '01 GSXR 1000 front end (complete) from my old build.

What followed was this conversation with the wife:
"Hey, can I get a bike?"
"you can fuck right off with that."
"But Sweetie, I have almost all of the parts, I could flip this and walk away doubling our investment."
"... interesting... "

...Cut to me loading the bike into my trailer last night.


It's a grey 2007 (gen 2) SV650 ABS.
Paid $1200.00 for it.

Pics of the project bike in the trailer:

Besides the busted forks, here's some of the other issues...
  • Busted rad and hoses
  • Broken foot controls (brake and shifter)
  • Smashed off front fairing (needs a new light and mirrors and signals for the front)

Pics of the damage:

But it starts, and it was running (before it was dumped), and these bikes are going for $4000.00 here in Edmonton, and it's the start of bike season.



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make sure you inspect the frame. I am surprised the tank is in good shape. Good deal. SV's are easy to work on. When I found my SV. I had to buy a new frame with a title $160. I cant remember how much I paid for the tank. I mainly bought this bike just to play with.

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Frame is good, just the forks and the rad... because of the forks.

Oh, and both foot controls were busted off, Lol.

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So, my replacement front end is... incomplete.

The forks I have SHOULD be 2001 GSXR 1000's.
And the brake calipers should have been good to go, but they don't match up. :(

Any one have any idea what years these items are???

The forks:

And the calipers:

No idea why they won't mate up, totally different angle and bolt holes.

All is not lost, because I was able to get some work done after work. (with the help of a buddy)

Front end torn off

Think this fork is bent? heehehehehehehe

And the busted up rad

Got the rad off though.

And here's the speedo, saving it for later.

And this is where she sits for the night.

The SV that I picked up is an ABS version. I've been doing some reading but haven't found much about a front end swap on an ABS bike where they were able to keep the ABS.

... if it's not possible, then I'll just delete it all, tear it out and pull the fuse. But to make this a quick flip, I'd like to keep as much of it functioning as possible so the NEXT owner isn't shy with his $$$$$.

Btw, this is the ABS ring on the SV front wheel. There's a sensor that has to read 50 pulses for everything to be good in the world. There's one of the back wheel as well.

Pictured is the front.

That piece in the center with all the dashes cut out, is the guide, the sensor mounts on the side of the forks. Wondering if it's possible to fab up something so I can put that center piece on an 01 GSXR 1000 front rim and keep the whole thing ABS'ing. Need to think a bit on that one.

More pics and more updates to follow.


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the forks is a 2001 GSXR 1000, iirc it had 60/62mm caliper mounting pitch
while that caliper probably from a SRAD/Hayabusa/TL-R

^gsxr1000 2001/2002 calipers

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Lol Mike... maybe next summer. ;)

Thank you Hrdy!!!

That certainly cuts down on my search parameters for new calipers.

This is what the 01GSXR 1000 forks looked like with what I thought would be the right brakes:

Those others look like they're going to fit much better.



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Post Weekend Report...

I had a buddy come over Friday / Saturday to help with the wrenching.
He's not a bike guy (yet) but he's getting there. Mostly he's just helping around the project but I've given him some fun jobs and let him figure it out while I did something else.

I like him, think I'll keep him. (nohomo)

Also, for CASPER, here's the hall effect sensor on the 2007 SV650 ABS. (That #$%@ ring on the front wheel is causing me all sorts of headaches.)

In keeping with the understanding that this is only a FLIP bike ($$$$), here's how I see my options:
  1. keep it stock, only replace the forks with OEM.
  2. swap the front end, ignore the ABS warning on the dash.
  3. swap the front end, replace the gauge, disconnect the ABS.
  4. remove all the abs, replace with steel lines and OEM parts.
  5. find a [email protected]#$# ABS ring from another bike that will fit on my 01 GSXR 1000 front rotor
  6. go to a shop and get a ring made to fit the GSXR rotor.

And responses:
  1. fuck that
  2. risky for resale, could get less than I want
  3. better, gauges have their own issues I'd have to work through
  4. fuck that, this is a flip bike, not MY bike
  5. trying this one currently
  6. this is my last resort

Went into a shop in Edmonton (Echo cycles) and asked about my options. The guys there were super helpful and got all involved in my Frankenstein mess. This led to me borrowing a set of calipers from their shop and crawling on the floor measuring all the ABS bikes they had.

The closest that I found was this:

... from a Kawasaki 2017 Z1000R ABS (go figure)

The part is like, $30.

Then I go online that night and start combing through some parts diagrams... that was 3 hours of a lot of squinting.

Found two other possibles.
A 2009 Kawaski Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS ($32.29)
A 2009 Kawaski Concours 14 ABS ($71.22)

I'm going to check the Z1000R again and see which is less expensive, then I'll pull the trigger on that !#[email protected]#%[email protected]#$ ABS ring.


Then I did some more work.

Got the tail off, electrical sorted, and made myself a castle nut socket for the SV.


Home Made SV Steering stem castle nut (30 mm, deep socket):

Black bad, Silver good!!

Still a little rough.

Getting closer!!

Final Product!! (after about 2 - 2 1/2 hours of filing. Soooooo much filing)

... it the end, it's not perfect... but it also didn't cost me $80.
10/10 would do again.

End result of this tool:

I've also ordered some parts:
GSXR clip ons (so I don't have to lengthen the brake lines)
SV radiator
SV (naked) headlight and bikini fairing
SV brake levers (not really required...) but they're HK knock offs and are only $20, but will be the first thing the buyer sees.

Question to the masses of CF
My brake pedal busted off high up near the peg... and a new one is $80 (fuck that). What do you guys do to ghetto-fab a piece to the cast aluminium of the original brake???

Thanks in advance, stand by for more updates!!


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I'm fairly sure the gold nissin calipers off a 929/954 will fit those forks. I'd buy them as they're great quality and much more corrosion resistant than Suzuki tokico calipers - you might look into it for a flip bike as they often Can be had real cheap.

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**Edit, not sure if I'm retarded, but I swear that I've already posted this reply, but nothing is showing up. Here's attempt #2!!

Thanks a_morti, I'll keep that on my parts list.

... sadly I have already invested in new calipers. (Won the eBay bid!!)
They should be here in a week... ish.

Previously I had posted this:
Question to the masses of CF
My brake pedal busted off high up near the peg... and a new one is $80 (fuck that). What do you guys do to ghetto-fab a piece to the cast aluminium of the original brake???

Don't worry about it, found a guy who had a spare brake pedal around and we struck a deal for $30 plus shipping. I'm still curious what people would do about the broken cast aluminum piece though.

BTW, this is what the broken piece looks like:

Also, last night I got a parts delivery!!


Now, I've decided to go with clipons because I don't want to re-run all the lines on a flip bike. And the ABS makes this a bit more of a PITA. This is because the lines run to the ABS control unit (back where the battery box is by the rear wheel) It's a short line that runs to a block on the frame, and is then a hard line from the block to the control unit.... and then a hard line back to another block, to a rubber line, and then to the front calipers. That's ugly.
And because the clipons are from the same year as the rest of the front end, they have matching bolt holes!!! Popped a screw in there (ha!) and tightened it all down, looks mint.

Anyway... PICTURES!!!

Left clipon with clutch perch. (I think I'm going to keep this one, need to see if the SV parts are compatable (cable and lever).

Right clipon. Came with a throttle tube, just going to slip that off and put on the SV one.

And then I put the new front end on.

Got it off the jack stands and put it on the front stand and then just spent some time looking at it. Planning where I would put the ABS sensor, how I'd mount the pulse ring, where the speed sensor would go... and that's when I noticed it...

the fucking forks where on the wrong sides!!!!!!

... undid everything, back up on the stands, switched them, put them back on, back on the front stand, off the jack stands. That was an hour that I won't get back.

After work I plan on pulling it out and giving the dirty parts a good wash, get the mud off so I can see what kind of scratches I'm looking at.
Debating on if I should spray bomb the clipons and bottom triple or if I should just leave them. Hmmmmmmm...

Also noticed that the fork clamps that I have are too big to use to mount the headlight that's on it's way. Need to do a quick trip to Princess Auto for new clamps. (adds that to the list)

The battle continues!!!!

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Just some info about this project...

I need to do an Out of Province Inspection for my Blue 05 SV650.
The story I'm hearing, is that if it's not stock or DOT approved, it fails.

I may be stealing some parts from 'project bike' to put onto MY bike, and then swapping back after the inspection is done.

This Project may end up saving me $$ and STILL make me a profit!!:rock:


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**Info / Update**

Sunday I'm going with my Step-father to visit a friend of his.

The old fella isn't doing well, things are starting to shut down on him. (the buddy, no my Step-father, Lol)
The reason I'm going along is that the old fella is giving away a bunch of his shop stuff. I'm basically going to be given a trailer and the pick of the offerings.

... seems kind of morbid, but he's a really good guy who doesn't have anyone to leave any of his tools to. My Step-father told him that I've moved cross country with my wife and 3 year old and I want to get into building some cars. (which I do) And the old fella made the offer.

Getting into the Old Guy Car Club is hard, they're pretty tight with their buddies and you basically need to know someone to find out about any of these deals.

Wish me luck, going to try and fill the new garage / shop that I find myself with.

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Just some pic-whoring updates...

Pic of the garage, still needs some cleaning.

Pic of m'bench

SV clipons have been stripped and the GSXR clipons have been installed!!

So I rolled it out into the sun to get a bunch of that mud and shit off.

Shot of the 01 GSXR 1000 front end.

Under the mud I found a few dings and scratches that were hiding. Meh, next owner is going to get a full history.

Lol, or I could pipe-wrap it and never tell a soul!!! (hehehehehehe).

And finally, got it all back up on stands in the garage again, preparing to fix the rest once parts arrive.

Still to do:
  • Radiator
  • Hoses
  • Brake pedal
  • Headlight
  • Bikini fairing
  • ABS ring
  • ABS sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • Brakes on front end
  • Undertail
  • Signal lights

And then SELL IT!!!!!!!

Stay tuned, I'll post up pics of the barn trip tomorrow.

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Yesterday I inherited a BUTT-TONNE of tools and equipment.

Here's a list:
  • Air compressor
  • Air tools
  • Air hose extension
  • Tool box
  • Shop vac
  • Chainsaw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Sanding belts
  • Jig saw
  • Hand router
  • Router bits
  • Solder gun
  • Heat gun
  • Leaf blower
  • Nail guns x 2
  • Carpet strechers x 2
  • Big jack
  • Scissor jack
  • Tin snips
  • Various hand tools
  • Flat Iron (Lol)
  • Small circular saw
  • Band saw
  • Table saw with roller table
  • Miter saw
  • Torch end
  • Table and stands for some of the bigger stuff.

And here's the pictures!!!!

Now my garage needs ANOTHER clean up. :D

Thanks to Joe who gave me all the tools as long as I promised to use them to build shit and not just sell.
Now I have to start making good on that promise.



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Another post with mostly just pictures. I swear I'll get back to doing work.

Here's a bunch of the parts that I've ordered, should be starting to arrive next week.
Ebay is a lot harder to find deals on since the last time I did this. Not nearly as many auctions, a lot of them are 'buy now' only. And not nearly as many used parts. (sad face)



Bikini fairing


Front fender

And the CORRECT calipers!!

Also, just realized that I'm coming up on my 500 pic max.
Shit, going to have to start migrating these to Imgur.


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Quick picture-less update...

Got some parts in.
bikini fairing
front fender
PROPER calipers

Pictures tomorrow!!!!

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As I'm writing this, I realize that one of the things I was going to use to mount my speedo won't work.
... I'm just not going to show you those pictures, and we'll pretend that I didn't spend 2 hours last night with a cut off wheel and a file hacking apart the bent sports bracket thinking I would mount the naked speedo to it.
Don't get me wrong, it would work... but it wouldn't turn with the bars and it would be in the way of the bikini fairing trying to swivel.
Thinking I may make myself a little metal brake to help with the bracket fabrication. Suggestions????


Now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way... on with the update!!

(*had to switch to IMGUR because my CF photo album is full. PWAS!!! If there's any problems with the images loading, just msg me on here.)

As stated, I got a load of parts in.

Fairing and headlight

Front fender for the GSXR 1000 front end (needs paint)

and the NEW (to me) calipers. Did a bit of cleaning on them.

Then I did a quick mock up of the fairing and headlight.

It's just zap straps holding it on, but it gives me an idea of where the brackets will be on the forks so I can get an inner diameter size for them.

And finally a mock up of the gauge. Looks like it'll fit behind the wind screen (ha!) and in front of the ignition, so I won't have to relocate it.

Not pictured, 2 x rad hoses. Because they're just hoses. Took one off, put the other on, repeat.

I've also been playing with a CAD program that was suggested in a different thread.

So far, it's been pretty workable.
I have ZERO experience with CAD, so I did the tutorials and just bashed on. After 2 late nights, I think I have a workable solution to my ABS issue. And they do online quotes!! Still have no idea what the differences are in some of the materials, Lol.

If anyone wants to look over my design, please speak up. I don't wanna waste a bunch of $$ on a custom cut part that won't [email protected]#[email protected] work and is useless for my application. eMachineshop lets me export to a .DXF file.


Basically I'll be getting a ring (the red circles) cut out of a piece of steel about 2mm thick. This will mount on the rotor using the 5 rotor bolts to hold it on. The ring will have 50 slots cut out which will result in 50 'teeth' that will interact with the ABS sensor to provide 50 pulses per rotation of the front wheel.

... there was a lot more math involved in this than I had anticipated. Lol.
I'll post up a 3D image of it after work today.

*Edit, here's the image:

Also, I have a question on SV frame sliders...
the ones that were on the bike only have two long bolts holding them in, but when I search for them on eBay, all I can find are sliders with a MASSIVE rod (ha!) going through the entire frame and a nut on the end. :confused:

Still waiting on:
  • bolts (Edmonton doesn't have a fastener shop open on weekends, WTF)
  • some electrical wiring to complete the front end
  • speed sensor (won't be a problem wiring this up)
  • radiator
  • mirrors

The list is getting shorter!!

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BIG update...

the bike is running!!!

Last Friday I got the radiator in. Was expecting it to take longer, because it's coming from China... but it got here just before our Long Weekend. (Victoria Day, for those who aren't Red White and Maple)

It was packaged SUPER well, lots of foam around the item and it was vacuum sealed to boot!

Mounted it up, and it fits!! Even looks like all the hose fittings are the right size as well.

I mount up the horn, no problem.
And then I go to mount the fan...

FFS... the fan mounting tabs are facing the wrong way!! (the bottom, trashed rad is the original.)

'Le-Sigh... (that's how we sigh in Canada)

I know, I know... you get what you pay for when you order from overseas... but I had high hopes!!

It wasn't the end of the world though... I did some bending, some cutting, some drilling... and for the most part, it fit!! (also pictured, the new mounted calipers)

Speaking of the front calipers, the routing for the front brake lines is TERRIBLE.
The line comes out of the front master cylinder, and then feeds into a block mounted on the side of the frame. That block then changes to hard lines, and feeds back to the ABS unit... behind the battery. THEN it goes hardline out to the other side of the front of the frame of the bike, converts to rubber line again and THEN to the front calipers. So much fun. :(


I found plans for a DIY mount on another site.

It comes out looking like this:

But I was mounting my headlight bucket higher, and didn't want more 'legs' in that already cramped spot. So I used the top template (it's upside down on the page) to build my own bracket.

Got the idea from this:

And if I had a welder, this is exactly what I'd have done. It re-uses the sport bike mount for the gauge and just adds some bracing and new mounting arms. (need a fookin' welder)

Taking the two ideas, I married them up and came up with this:

*my version is done with tape, cut off wheels, files, and a certain amount of cursing.

Also, this design can be flipped. I ended up going with it under the top triple because I needed it lowered a tad.

*also shown, is the lines for where I'll be doing some more bending.


It looks a little rough, but this'll be cleaned up and painted. (of course)

Next I needed to add a bit of forward tilt so that it was easily view-able by the rider. So I came up with this to hold shit straight.

End result:

Bonus, it fits under the bikini fairing!!

Side View:

And just a little peep up from the front.

As well as working on the flip project, I have to get my Blue one ready for the Out of Province Inspection. This required me to put all the stock 'chit back on.
  • Tail
  • Plate holder
  • Light
  • Stock signal lights
  • Passenger pegs
  • Reflectors
  • etc...

Fortunately I have a doner bike to pull all this from!!

Off of one, onto the other, and after the inspection, REVERSE IT.
Cost: Just wrenching time.

My bike, as she sits now. :(

I had the Grey one out for a bit this weekend, just up and down the laneway. I've never had clip ons before, makes the steering feel really rough compared to mine with the bars.

*Censored to protect Batman's true identity

Oh well, as long as the new buyer likes them, then no worries!!

Left to do:
  • ABS ring
  • Wire up a speed sensor
  • Wire up the ABS sensor
  • Headlight / signal light electrical
  • Mount new rubber on front rim
  • Sand / paint front fender

Almost done, should have it up for sale by the end of this month!!!

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