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Everything is simple...
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I wasn't happy with the fit of some of the drawers and how they lined up in the shell, so I pulled some of it apart and squared it up again (roughly) and secured it.

It's not pretty, I had to put some relief cuts into the supports.

Yeah, it ugly, but it works! (my wife says the same about me)

I added some lag bolts through the drawers in the front to secure to the 2x4. This'll make it nice and solid... ish.

Drilled a hole through the drawers that was just big enough for the threads, and then used a hammer to pound the square portion into the drilled out hole and set it. Simple!!

On the back side of the 2x4, I wanted to counter sink the nut so that it didn't stick out when I go to mount the pegboard.

I also had to notch out the rear support 2x4's so that it didn't catch on the runners inside the cabinet.

then I put a brace between the two rear supports.

It is at this point that I'd like to say that keeping things square and even and still getting shit to fit inside is FUCKING HARD. I say this now because this is where my skills go to shit.

More updates in the AM, the little one needs a bath.


Everything is simple...
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And onward with the progress posts.

I cut the final piece of peg board and put it on the back of the cabinet.

That's all the peg board up!!

Then I took some rubber tubing from my scrap pile, split it and fit it over the jagged edges of the bottom drawer.

Then I cleaned out the bottom and sprayed some fixative for the rubber matting I'm going to put down.

And that's it!!

There's enough storage space to keep all my toys in their cases, plus my ammo, and tools.
(yes, I know that I don't have to keep them in the cases if they're locked in the cabinet.)

Also, I put one of those magnetic knife holders on the side to hold... well, my knives. ;)

And that is all.
Project completed.

I think I could have done some things better, maybe not used as much wood, maybe done some welding instead. I'd definitely like to have kept things more square and not had some many odd angles and things that didn't match up... but that's for the next version.

I put it in it's final place, screwed it in secure to a wall, and I'm done.

The End!

Well... actually I want to paint it, and get some humidity control put in, maybe some lights and some removable shelves... I have some ideas. :rock:
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