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Well was gonna post up pics but ill jist make a project log for it.

I been wanting a fuel injected bike lately so told my buddy i was looking n hes like i sell you mine i was like okay n went n bought it lol. 05 r6s was a stunt bike. But slowly less stunt n more sf.

The bike was full fairings with lots of extra fairings n parts.

It has 905 cage 905 stunt pegs custom steel subframe 12 bar dented tank.

So far i
Swapped my 07 r1 front end
Swapped my other 05 shock
Swapped my other rear wheel to match the front r1 wheel
Took the 12 bar off
Did some good ol zipp tieing lol
Took the head light mid fairing off
Clip ons came off n dirtbars went.

All the 05 parts were swapped on to the 02 r6. From it being a stunt bike it was all bouncy so thats why i swapped it.

Refabbed the steel frame to put the 12 r6r tail on
Sick innavation side mount clip ons
Non dented tank
Vortex rear sets hope to get tmr
Some kinda of good headlight
Painted n piwder coat

Uploading pics post when done

i cant fart
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Iol what ya want to spend on the dented n dont ya have a little dent or something in yours pm what ya like to do n we can figure it out
nope mine is perfect and talking about it made me look on ebay and i just got one for $72.50. has a dent in it but im gonna dent the shit out of it anyways.
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