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so... the time has come... I have grown tired of riding crouched down on my bike. after debating on selling my beloved red bike for either a up right bike or busa to streetfight, I decided to make due with what I had and build the upright I want.

I have a 07 r6 that ive had for about a year now and $4k later, I have a decent low mileage r6 with tons of track goodies. that's what it was originally built for. an everyday rider with track bike components.

i'm going full streetfighter on this thing now. I'm pretty sure that the fz8 throttle cable and clutch lines are gonna easily swapped. one issue is the fact the my ram air is between my forks, so I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get dual headlights so the bike can breath still. prolly gonna go with the newer speed triple headlights, with a fly screen. and prolly trail tech vapor gauge to clean everything up. sorta curious what Yamaha speedos are interchangeable. I'm gonna order a new triple tree and risers and dirt bike bars. some handgaurds and bar end mirrors. I think after all that, I just have to hide wiring, mount rectifier, and get some adjustable rearsets. m sure there will be other goodies here and there like new coremoto lines in the front with a little more length on em. prolly some red samco hose lines and mcgeyver a belly pan from track fairings. I need to look into radiator gaurds as well...

itll be a fun project, and I havent really seen a lot of r6r streetfighters and I feel itll make a sick one.

next is a list of all the parts it has now.

Shorai lithium ion battery
Coremoto brake lines (front/rear)
Ebc HH sintered brake pads (front/rear)
Hyperpro steering damper
Targa solo seat cowl
Wrapped headers/exhaust
Mjs midpipe
Gytr Carbon Fiber slip-on
AGG smog block off plates
Ape Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
Gearing is dropped 1 tooth in the front for quicker acceleration
Supersprox stock size sprocket on the rear
D.I.D. 525 x-ring gold chain
Ecu flashed by VcycleNut (corrected speedometer for gearing, no factory throttle restrictions, fans come on at 189, disabled exup, generic fuel map on ecu for exhaust and air filter, tuned for 93 octane pump gas)
Power commander 3 usb (dyno tuned 2 weeks ago with a perfect AFR)
Dyno tuned @ 106 Hp
GBR engine case savers
Red anodized bar ends
Red 728 Progrip grips
Black Frame sliders
Gold swingarm sliders
Red anodized Preload adjusters
Gold CNC mirrors
Michelin pilot Power 3 (w/ less than 600 miles on them)
Vertical side mount license plate
Smoked flush mount turn signals
Rear turn signals are Led strips mounted next to tail light
Black probolt sprocket nut kit
Gold windshield nuts
Black frame plugs
Gloss black powder coated rear sets
Red led third eye
Gold valve caps
Gold fuel cap bolts
Gold and black Yamaha emblems
Gold and black tank pad
Bmc unrestricted race air filter
Smoked Zero Gravity Double Bubble windshield
Stompgrip tank pads

hmm.. I think that about covers it for now. ill post more when progress is made, so for now... enjoy the pics of how she will never be again!!!


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Crystal_skull has same model r6 fightered within like 4 hours using shit I had Laying around the garage, looked really good naked and was super comfy with dirt bars and pull back risers.

R6s throttle cables worked but needed to swap throttle side switches as well.

Brake lines will need swapped with custom ones unless u got buncha old ones laying around like I did.

He was able to get everything hidden inside the frame/behind the rad except coolant resi, which he eliminated all together lol

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Lol. See that's pretty funny. My motorcycle forum app on my phone won't let me sign out of this account. So... When I post from my phone it's this account, and my laptop is my new account... I'll prolly post more from the new account. Since I will be editin a pic of how I wanna do the bike.

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